Journey from either wicked OR loving mother-in-law To caring and loving mummyji. #UseYourAnd

Hey guys, every time I blog for BlogAdda I feel like I’m breathing again. Breathing again in world of imagination and feelings. This time BlogAdda and Gillette Venus has provided me an opportunity to pay gratitude to my mother-in- law, who is the world’s best Mom-in-law.

 I call her Mummyji. From childhood every girl is hammered with taunts like “ Esi saas milegi ke teri akkal thikane la degi, aagey ja, saas itna kaam karvayegi ke teri sari akad utar jayegi.” I, too was hammered with these words by my mummy and elder sister whenever they lost their temper. I like a common girl would imagine sasuma as a woman with claws, horns and red burning eyes. As I grew up I would listen to number of stories and incidents where mother-in-law would play the role of lady villain. I am a girl with short tempered and free mind, these characteristics of mine made me fear more of this free-with-husband creäture. I belonged to a family which believed in arranged marriage and as an obedient daughter I, too followed their trait. 

Somehow mine story became somewhat different as me and my hubby met each other on Bharatmatrimony and after getting parents’ consent, we started chatting with each other on Facebook. As time passed we started liking each other and finally our families decided to meet. They arrived at our home in Gujarat. They belonged to Rajasthan and my hubby worked in Delhi as a software Engineer. As you all know Rajasthanis are traditional and so I wore saree to please my mummy and future mummyji. They arrived and as soon as my future mummyji saw me, her facial expressions confused me but I kept patience. After formal introduction and settling down, the first thing my future mummyji said was “ I saw your pic in jeans and suit on Facebook. I feel you look better in western cloths. I feel you should change into salwar suit.” Literally my mouth fell open with these words of my future mummyji as no one had expected these words from her. You must have known by now that I am the damn lucky girl to have such a loving mother-in-law.

That day I learnt a thing that no one is bad its we who make everything bad. I realised that My Mother-in-Law is really a good hearted woman and I, too should try my best to be a good daughter-in-Law. She is my hero who could be either wicked OR loving mother-in-law but she decided to be a loving one.

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