Review of Flight of the Hilsa by Amit Shankar

About Author:

 Amit Shankar, An avid music buff and a great exponent of guitar, a coffee lover, a great reader, great author and many more adjectives to join in. He has presented society with four gems Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter Eleven, Love is a Vodka-a shot ain’t Enough, and Café Latte.

Writing Style: 5/5.

It has happened first time that I am lacking vocabulary to describe any work. Each and every line I write seems so naïve to represent the essence of the novel, Flight of the Hilsa by Amit Shankar. I read Amit’s Café Latte first, I was so awestruck with his writing style that it tempted me to read other works by him. He gifted me another three titles of him for review. The cover page of the novel is so lively and captivating. Most amazing fact about this work is that Amit has presented a girl’s emotions so perfectly that I was having doubt at once that Amit may be a pen name, the writer must be woman. (As per tradition of Victorian Era) Avantika Sengupta, a girl with creative soul but unkind fate. The hardships of Avi’s life make reader question some theories representing God. I loved this work so much because like a true literary piece, it discusses many bitter realities of society. Marriage life of Major Sengupta left a question in my mind. What’s the need of living with a person, whom you don’t love at all? The bitterness this failed marriage chases Avi for whole her life. Her 8 year long relationship with Sunny, Her relationship with Captain, Pimps like Chawla, Shrewd businessman like Mr. Khurana, Shweta and Prashant’s marriage and issue of Pedophile. I must say as a person associated with literature that maybe in the future this book would be selected for college syllabus. I am not all exaggerating as I found all the qualities of literature in it. The basic foundation of Marriage is questioned in this work and I must say I totally agree with Amit. We can see many Shwetas, Mrs. Senguptas and Simis, around us wearing fake masks.  There are some works which leave us with tearful eyes at the end. This, too left me with tearful eyes. These tears represented  emotions which words couldn't justify.

There are many quotes by Captain but these lines are my favourite one.

“Some relations go beyond words; they cannot be confined to the realms of friendship and marriage. These relations just exist.”

Waiting eagerly for Amit’s next work which is under construction. ;)

My overall rating for this work is 5/5. 

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing pvt ltd
Language: English


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