Review of 'Moments of Truth -In an average Indian B-School'

About Author:

Nimish Tanna is an engineer by education and a sales & marketing expert by profession. This is his debut novel, which is outcome of his overwhelming passion for creativity.

Plot: 4/5 

The plot revolves around life of an MBA guy, whose life is flowing like a river. Peaceful and full of enjoyment and gradually some of his decisions turn his life into roller-coaster. He falls in love with a girl, but some of decisions proves to be snide for his life. His journey in the novel begins with his status as working guy. 

Characters: 4/5

Arjun Mehta: Hero of novel, who is just a carbon copy of teenagers around us. He might not be teenager by age, but for his views on love, he is a teenager.

Shruti: A beautiful lady, who does not feel shy in proposing a guy, whom she loves. Very strong character, who can wait for her love for 93 days, without communicating in anyway.

Riya Desai: A beautiful lady, who will be kind of soul sister for many female readers.

Prithvi : A true friend of Arjun, who accompanies him everywhere except life destroying decisions.
Colonel Rawat: A mysterious figure in novel. As much revelation will destroy the zest, so he is professor of Arjun.

There are also minor characters like other relatives of Rahul, Roshni, Karthik, who play minor but important roles in life of our protagonist.

Writing Style: 4.5/5

 ‘Moments of Truth’ is written by Nimish Tanna. The novel went well in the beginning as something was different from the stereotype MBA and IIT novels. It felt an interesting read. Later on it turns out to be stereotype novel, where boy loves girl, refuses for any commitment, finds another girl, then realizes he still loves his first love and later on things do not work as per his wishes. Yet, something is there in this novel which made me enjoy this work and it is the narration style of the author. Every line is written so wonderfully that I felt as if I was witnessing the whole life of Arjun, standing beside him. Though he has chosen usual recipe, he is able to add unusual tempering to the novel.  
My overall rating for this work is 4.5/5.

Genre: Fiction Romance
Paperback: 235 pages 
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Language: English



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