Book review of 'Chapter 11- Kissa Corporate Bankruptcy ka' by Amit Shankar

About Author:

 Amit Shankar, An avid music buff and a great exponent of guitar, a coffee lover, a great reader, great author and many more adjectives to join in. He has presented society with four gems Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter Eleven, Love is a Vodka-a shot ain’t Enough, and Café Latte.

Writing Style: 4/5

“Chapter Eleven- Kissa Corporate Bankruptcy ka’ is the third work of Amit Shankar. He has already won many hearts with his previous works ‘Flight of Hilsa’ and ‘Love is Vodka’. After discussing and spreading some ‘gyaan’ (what he actually denies but gyaan is there) about love, Amit has now focused his attention on corporate world. In this work, he narrates story of a guy VVS who is wedged in an insufficient job in Udaipur. VVS wishes to join MNC, where he can have the charm and his dream life. Life plays prank with him as the day he enters his dream job, the company files for Chapter 11- bankruptcy. As the story develops, VVs comes face to face with the bitter realities of corporate world. The feeling of diaspora grips VVS whenever he is in opposite city. He is betrayed by life in many ways yet fights back and makes remarkable exit. 

‘Chapter Eleven- Kissa Corporate Bankruptcy ka’ is tale of ambitions, love, betrayal, desires. In VVS’s relation with Ambica one can see Karma paying back. Like his two previous titles, Amit is in no mood of portraying woman as a weaker sex. Rajeshwari, Ambica, Baiji and Chaitali all of these woman characters don’t beg your pity. Coming from different strata of life, they have their own desires and powers. This is the best factor I love about Amit’s works. His woman character is strong yet tender. The concept of marriage seems futile once again from point of view of Amit.

The novel is quite interesting but like me if you have been student of humanities then some part of novel would seem like alien to you. Yet Amit has tried his best in simplifying these technological terms and has provided glossary so one won’t need dictionary. Awesome work by Amit. Waiting to read the next one.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5. 

Genre: Fiction 
Paperback: 361 pages
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing pvt ltd
Language: English



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