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Highway- Movie Review

Highway: Imtiaz Ali's classic movie.
 Highway is really wonderful movie, which makes you to dance, to cry, to sing,along with its characters. Imtiaz is once again at his best. A fantastic movie ,which leaves you speechless at end.Veera(Alia Bhatt) is a Delhi girl, daughter of a famous and rich businessman Mr. Tripathi. Like all heroines of Imtiaz,Veera is also a girl with simple desires and she is full of life. She is not a typical Delhi girl. She wishes to run away from city life and mingle in nature. She is getting married to a NY based  high society guy. Preparations are going on for her marriage. Veera is tired of all these showoff stuff. One night she forces her fiancee to take her on long drive. Both of them go for a drive,though he is constantly disapproving her this,  idiotic desire as the highway is not a safe place to drive in late night. They stop at one patrol pump where she comes out to enjoy fresh air, suddenly local goons who came to rob Patrol pump ,kidnaps her. He…