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Bliss of Earth Dried Green Stevia Leaves

I was introduced to the word "Stevia" in 2018 when I was on Keto diet (That's different topic that needs another post 😜😜). I searched a bit about this product and came to know that unlike saccharine , Stevia is plant based sweetener that's totally natural and got no side effect at all. 
So since 2018, I have made sure that every elder of my family who has Diabetes will use only Stevia products to enjoy sweetness once in a while. And also to the family members who doesn't eat sugar due to weight issues  like me. 😜😜I have tried lots of brands in search of perfect Stevia as many brands' Stevia had weird aftertaste that made it funny. After Searching many brands I came across this brand " Bliss of Earth" which has many products that works best for our skin, hair and body. As soon as they introduced Stevia product in different forms I got them. 
I have tried their Stevia Dried Green leaves, Stevia Powder and Stevia Liquid. Best part about their Stev…

Debelle cosmetics Exfoliator Mask Apricot Bloom

Being a mother is the ultimate joy of my life but no-one takks about the responsibilities and busy schedules come with the job of mother. 
Due to my busy schedule of housewife and blogger, I rarely get time for myself. so I keep looking for products those work all in one way for skin. Recently I came across this brand Debelle Cosmetics that has really awesome range of skincare products and cruelty-free and 5 free Nail lacquers with beautiful shades to choose from. They also have dome gift combos which are perfect to gift your loved ones. 
I got their Facial Exfoliator Mask Apricot Bloom which comes in packaging of 100 ml. at price of 385. 

It's 2 in 1 product. It's Exfoliator and mask. Apply it on wet face and leave it on for 10 minutes and scrub it away. After that wash it off.  

I found this exfoliator really effective on my skin. It has tiny scrub beads. They are effective on dead skin and all the dirt and impurities. It also worked on blackheads. This exfoliator didn'…

Debelle cosmetics Nail Lacquer Yellow Topaz

Honestly I never imagined that I will try my hand at nail art and will really succeed at it. It's nit like I ever doubted myself but I was never a great nail polish lover. but once I started Nail art I started hoarding nail polishes and where I started with 5-10, I have 200+ nail polishes in my collection. 
Few brands have purely got my heart when it comes to formula , brush and longer staying power of bail polish. Debelle Cosmetics is certainly one of this brand. Every nail art lover literally swears by this brand for its gel like formula and beautiful colours. I was lucky enough that brand decided to collaborate with me  and sent me their really beautiful shade from their latest launch, " YELLOW TOPAZ" its beautiful Mustard light yellow shade that suits  Indian skin tone so beautifully. 

This Gel Nail Lacquer has the smoothest formula I have ever seen. It glides on nail so smoothly and it's applicator is perfect to give you mess- free mani at once. debelle cosmeti…