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Book Review of Anything to Look Hot- Candid confessions of a Plastic Surgeon by Jas Kohli.

About Author:
Dr. Jas Kohli Plastic surgeon by profession and astronomer and writer by passion. Writing about his  profession was a big step, taking out all the cards from his pockets.
Writing Style: 3/5
The moment word ‘plastic surgery’ comes to my mind, the beautiful me appears in front of me. However being a common person I always dreaded the word surgery and the fear was doubled whenever I read posts about the ‘plastic surgery gone wrong’. All plastic surgeons appeared as person trying to be God, umm not exactly God but super God who are trying to correct the mistakes God did while creating human being. Aha, I know am exaggerating but after reading Jas Kohli’s ‘Anything to Look Hot- Candid confessions of a Plastic Surgeon’ plastic surgeries seems like having popcorn. Most of the characters going under knife and coming out beautiful than before. To delight of all the girls, boys are also going under knife to look hot. So being mirror obsessed is not just girl’s right. All those celebri…