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Review of Lal Tail massage oil from Mother Sparsh

Hola lovely mommies and aunts and grandmas, Hope you all are enjoying your precious time with your loving babies. The winter has arrived and early mornings demands sweaters and mufflers. Like me all of you must have taken out your baby’s woolen clothes and accessories. It gives really pleasure to see all tiny gloves, booties, sweaters and caps.
 From the day one baby needs something that will make it strong and healthy and its massage. But it is too much important to understand need of baby’s skin. Baby’s delicate skin needs different care and massage oils as per the season. I personally prefer coconut oil for summer and Lal tail for winter and monsoon. I generally avoid using it for summers as it is bit hot in nature.
There are plenty of Lal tails available from different companies in market. All of them claim to be totally ayurvedic in nature but their smells and ingredients say something else. Few days back I came across a brand named Mother Sparsh. This brand has range of baby care …