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Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

Hey beautiful ladies out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks to my darling Jisha I rarely get time to review products. But I must say with her arrival in my life I have also got an opportunity to review baby products. Being new mommy I was curious about using chemical laden products on my tiny angel. So I searched a bit about Ayurvedic baby products. As I searched a bit , came across many brands but a brand named Mother Sparsh grabbed my attention. 

I got whole kit of Mother Sparsh's all products. The kit in which I got all the products is quite spacious and bigger one. Every time I travel, I use same kit to carry my baby's medicines and other toiletries.  Now let's come to the product which I will be reviewing today. It's Mother Sparsh baby body wash. 

Key ingredients: All ayurvedic Ingredients like Aloe vera leaves, Neem bark, Holy basil leaves, Olive oil, Turmeric, 
 Product claims: It claims to clean the skin, retains moisture & makes skin radiant and beautiful. It also prot…