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You & Me

Modern world has made our life relaxed with many facilities, amenities and technologies. But has it given us true peace and happiness? If we look around carefully then we would find that actually these modern world and its flaws has made human being alone. Social media has connected us with whole world. City, state, country are no more barriers. But don’t you guys feel that actually it has widened the gaps between the families living together?

Instead of discussing lives of others let me focus on mine as my own family also suffers from the same issue. As soon as all the members are gathered at evening, we have our dinner. Till it everything is great but as soon as dinner gets over, all of us get engrossed in our smart phones and laptops. Instead of discussing whole day’s activities, we used to get involved in our smartphones. Not only on weekdays but also on weekends, it became the schedule for us. We would be together, on same sofa, in same room, in same house but virtually we were s…

Review of Paradise Lost & Regained by Ratnadip Acharya

About Author:
A NIT Jamshedpur graduate, Ratnadip lives in Mumbai where he works as an Electrical Engineer. He contributed many inspirational stories in different collections of Chicken Soup for the Soul. His first novel, Life is Always Aimless…unless You Love it was published in December 2012 and was received well by the readers across the country.
Storyline: 3.5/5
A little deer and its journey from her mother’s womb to self-realization.  
Writing Style: 3/5
From storyline one would get confused. Can this much simple idea be turned into a wonderful novel? You would surely say yes, if you have read Ratnadip Acharya’s ‘Paradise Lost & Regained.
This work by Ratnadip reminded me of Jatakkathas and Panchtantra kathas from ancient Indian literature, where we had animals as characters. They preached about life’s valuable truths and philosophy. Same is the case with Paradise Lost & Regained. A life from its beginning, right form the womb of mother is presented through view of a Deer. H…

Review of Diabolical by Supriya Parulekar

About Author:
Supriya Parulekar is a published fiction author with five books. She likes experimenting with different genres and you will find something dark and mysterious in her. She has worked as a script editor for TV18, History channel.
Storyline: 3.5/5
Soniya is a superstar and queen of million hearts. She has everything fame, love, money, popularity, beauty. Everything. But as philosophy says no one is perfectly happy in this world and same is the case with Soniya. She is psychiatric patient. She suffers from depression and roots of this depression lies in her childhood. With greedy mother and loving sister Tania, will Sonia be able to survive in this ruthless world? What would be her fate? 
Writing Style: 4/5
This my first experience of reading Supriya Parulekar and this very work has made me admirer of Supriya’s writing style. A storyline which seems inspired from Bollywood but as soon as you open the book, it is already written for a friend who gave up. This very line however g…

Review of Crumpled Voices 2 – Innocence Lost

Writing Style: 3.5/5
Crumpled Voices 2 – Innocence Lost is a collection of short-stories written by different writers on the burning issue of child abuse. Child abuse does not mean only physical but also a psychological abuse. The 17 stories from this book are based on various kind of child abuse. Be it child marriage, child labour, physical exploitation, mental torture and more.
Reading anthologies is quite fun and his fun doubles up when they are written by different authors. Crumpled Voices-2 is same kind of work of fiction. There are 17 stories and as they are written by different writers few of them have got uniqueness in it and few of them are reread.
Here is the list of the stories I liked.
The Lost and Found Self-respect is a story which depicts child abuse and very beautiful relationship of husband and wife with lots of trust and understanding. Writer has put all the emotions together very precisely and she has succeeded in creating a wonderful piece.
The White Lily is a story …

Review of The Arithmetic of Breasts and other stories by Rochelle Potkar

About Author: Rochelle Potkar is a writer and poet. Her stories have appeared in several Indian and international publications. She lives in Mumbai. Her next book, Dreams of Déjà vu, is a speculative novel.
Writing Style: 3.5/5
Every form of literature has its own charm and way of presentation of life. Short story is considered a slice from life of the character. In novels we get to know about the character in detail directly from his birth or particular age till his death or his achievement of goal of his life. It is little bit easy for writer of novel to leave kind of impression about the character on mind of reader as he has got enough room. For me, writer of short story has got much task to do as in single incident of character’s life he has to present whole self of character. And I must say Rochelle Potkar has done her best in presenting a slice from characters’ life.
The Arithmetic of Breasts and other stories is a collection of wonderful stories depicting the hidden chambers and l…