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How to Freeze strawberries

Hey all,
This post is gonna be really a short one because It's about one more DIY. 
We all love strawberries but fresh and juicy strawberries are available just during winters. 
My daughter Jishu loves having strawberry shake and strawberry ice-lollies. But winter is not time to give these things to her and in summers Strawberries are not available. 
So I decided to freeze strawberries. and after 2-3 failed attempts here I am with perfect idea to freeze strawberries that lasts really good for 8-10 months. 
Things you need - 
Fresh and Juicy strawberries ( quantity depends on how many you want to store. )
Plastic container Zip lock bags. 

First of all wash all strawberries. Dry them with paper towel. cut off all green stems and  leaves off strawberries. Place them in open plastic container. put them in freezer. keep it open. don't cover it. Here's video how Strawberries will be after 24 hours. 

After 24 hours strawberries will be hard like stone. Store them in Zip lock bag…

Coconutty Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hair Fall. Premature graying, Baldness, Hair-growth , Rough and dry hair.   now a days I haven't met a single person who isn't suffering from above mentioned hair related problems. I too, had really stronger , longer and thicker hair. But after pregnancy that lustrous hair got lost somewhere.  But wait blaming just pregnancy, population or contaminated food and lifestyle isn't going to solve problems for us. 
I seriously confess that Oiling is only thing that can save our hair from every kind of damage. Till the time I used to oil my hair regularly , they were growing really well and were really stronger but as my habit Oiling git lesser , the lustrous and strength of hair got lesser.  After trying numerous oils, I decided to switch back to my favourite oil Coconut Oil. 

I came across this brand called Coconutty. which deals in  coconut products like, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut. I tried their Raw  extra virgin coconut oil for the diy Oil I made in …