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Our Space Adventures with Colgate

Every time I write a blogpost for Blogadda I feel alive. This time Blogadda has brought wonderful activity for bloggers as well as kids in collaboration with Colgate.

After registration and selection I informed my neighbor's children who are 5 and 8 years old about the activity as my own daughter is just one and half. Before I received the packs I already told them that I would be receiving packs of colgate with space adventures characters inside it. Both of them got highly excited when they came to know that they were supposed to write a story based on those characters.

As I received the packs I called them and under my assistance they cut out all the characters and started thinking about the story. Children's names are Shayan and Ashida. Being typical siblings both of them couldn't agree on any of the story as one would simply dislike another's idea. It seemed that soon my house would turn into WWIV's battleground. So I took situation under my control and decid…