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Happiness is Family


Review of The Notebook of Romance..


Review of 'Hey Dad Meet My Mom' by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal

About Author:
Leepi Agrawal is a final year student of Masters of Computer Applications at Ahmedabad. She has presented her feelings in various short-stories and poems.
Sandeep Sharma is student of final year B.Tech from Noida. He is an avid reader and loves to review books on his blog. He has been previously associated with many anthologies as a contributing author.
Writing Style: 4/5
Imagine you are living a stereotype bachelor life and all of sudden a boy pops out of nowhere calling you ‘Dad’. Your life surely going to turn upside down with the fact that only you can see the boy, I mean your future son, who is extremely willing to introduce you to his future Mom.
Hmmm. I know story seems awesome na and truly it is an awesome work by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal. A wonderful concept. Title itself will amaze you. Somehow I thought that the story would be of a young aged son trying to patch up his Dad’s lost love as its typical story of some movies. But as soon as I read blurb and di…

My Pride

Now a days market is flooded with many smartphones. You buy one piece from market and next day there many new pieces which would try to lure you make you repent why you bought the phone. The most amazing fact about it is you can have them after few months but once again there would be many to lure you again.

ASUS has launched new model  Zenfone 2 and it’s quite awesome piece and the details I’m showing here would surely make you go gaga over this phone. Here I’m giving you and myself five reasons to feel how ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine our smartphone experience
1)It’s luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc-design.
If you leave aside this heavy sounding  words and just enjoy the awesome design of this sleek and shinier phone then everything else gonna leave your mind. It surely gonna made me gem of eyes amongst crowd. With people glancing at me, feeling jealous with my Zenfone 2. I already smell that something’s burning!!!!
2)ASUS Boostmaster that charges phone at double speed.
It happens man…