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Kinskin Naturals Masks

Hello all. After long time I have decided to write a blog. Thanks to daughter's new school timings and totally changed life, it has become bit tough to get time for blogging. But it's good to write once in a blue moon rather than never. Having toddler around me has made fallen in love with masks which can be applied on face while I do other household chores. After Jisha's birth it became totally impossible for me to go to Parlour and get any beauty treatments done. Even calling them at home couldn't work. So I had to turn to something that would be super convenient as well as super effective.

So today we have two masks from Kinskin Naturals. 1. Vitamin C Overnight Gel Mask. 2. Activated Charcoal Face Mask. These both masks are pure & natural. Full of natural goodness and away from harmful chemicals. 1. Vitamin C Overnight Gel Mask - Ingredients - Grapefruit extract, Vitamin -C, Licorice Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Cucumber Extract, Vitamin - E, Papaya…