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Friends forever

“Once God ordered one of his angels to go on earth. He started crying, as he was not ready to leave God. So God consoled him, “as soon as you reach on earth I will also reach there to be with you.”So angel went. After dying as a mortal being angel again reached to heaven and complained God, “I waited for you, but you didn’t come. Why? God smiled and said, “I was always there with you. But you did not notice me. Mortals address the person as a “Friend.”

In above-mentioned story, it is not important what angel does latter on, but the reply of God to him is most important. Man passes his whole life in search of God but fails to recognize Him in form of friend. Friend is a person who will understand your pain through your eyes, your sadness will bring tears in his eyes, your hunger will force him to reach a restaurant, and your thirst will make him thirsty. Friend is a person who will remind you every now and than of your failure, but it is not negative as he wishes to…