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Review of Ashvamedha by Aparna Sinha

About Author:
Aparna Sinha entered into world of literature at age of seven when she recited her first poem on All India Radio. Since then many of her articles have got published on various platforms.

Writing Style: 5/5
Ashvamedha is interesting book which revolves around politics and power and delivers us a relatable masterpiece. The book has all the elements which readers ask for. There is thriller and suspense. There is dirty game of politics and power. There is romance and then there is mysterious characters and closely knitted storyline with twists and turns to keep you hooked with the book. Characterization- All the characters are portrayed beautifully. You can catch a glimpse of today's politicians in Aparna's characters. Language is simple and lucid with dialogs dipped in power and Thriller. Narration is done well and engages readers with the book. Book cover is attractive and gives us hint about the genre and content. Title is fitting and interesting. Overall As…

Our Wonderful trip to Kerala thanks to Makemytrip

After arrival of our darling daughter Jisha in our life, we rarely got chance to travel and explore new places. Jisha is just 1 year old but due to bed rest I had been house-arrest from last 2 years. But as everyone knows every wife has her own personal Jinny, who’s named as husband in dictionary. :P :P :Pin the same way my husband knew my frustration for being at home all the time, he started planning a trip. Our anniversary is on 10th December. Like every wife I keep bugging dear hubby about anniversary plans throughout year but this time he didn’t let me know anything about the plans.  So I was bit frustrated with him.
But just before 15 days, he took me to mall and told me, hey dear, we are going  to Kerala for a week and obviously you will need new clothes for this trip. So have this card and start shopping. Wohooooo, yeah, this was my reaction and crazily I went on shopping spree. As my husband declared that we are going for trip I was bit worried about the trip organizer. but …

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Soap.

Hello, all lovely mommies out there. Am back again with review of baby product and this time it is baby soap. 

When it comes our baby's skin we become quite worried as now a days market is flooded with variety of baby soaps. So.e of them are Ayurvedic and some fully chemical loaded. I never ever prefer soaps for my own skin so you can surely imagine I would be damn choosy about her skin as well.

So today I will be reviewing Mother Sparsh's baby soap. I received it with other products in a HUGE kit. Yeah! Trust me it's quite huge as it can store all your baby's medicines, toiletry items at one place. 😁😁 I simply fell in love with this kit. 
Now let's go to the review.

Key ingredients:  Aloe-vera, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Olive oil. 
 Product claims: It claims to provide nourishment to baby skin without harming delicate skin securing it from rashes and dirt.
Product description : It's color is white and smell is so mild just as baby's need.
Price : 75 gm for 48…