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‘Kellogg’s wale Guptaji’, he was famous with this name in our colony. You guys must be thinking that why anyone is known by Kellogg’s? The reason behind the name was Mrs. Gupta’s unique recipes created with Kellogg’s cornflakes. You guys must be wondering what kind of recipes Sonal is talking about? What can be created with Cornflakes? Can it be so awesome that person’s identity is replaced with the brand?

The answer is, “YES”. They can be awesome and trust me, if any of you would have breakfast at Guptaji’s house then you, too would repeat my lines. Guptaji’s family is like common family with husband, wife and two kids. In our colony everyone tries to get an invitation for breakfast at Guptaji’s house. When I came new to this colony, people seemed crazy to me, who were going gaga over Guptaji’s breakfasts. With passing of time, I settled down in colony. Like any typical housewife, I, too faced same problem and question. “What should be there in breakfast today? “ Though I was blessed…


The word Happiness itself brings out image of smiling and cheering people around us. The definition of happiness differs from person to person. For someone it may reside in IPhone 6 and for someone it may reside in Nokia 1100. For someone it may be there in world tour and for someone it may be there in having picnic at nearby park. Whatever the form maybe but the ultimate thing is the happiness. People around the world survive on his single factor and its happiness.

When we discuss about happiness, does it need to be grand or luxurious? No, it can be very simple and sober. I’m a housewife living in Delhi. As I said before happiness can differ from person to person. Though I live in Delhi, the concept of happiness was never buying cosmetics or shopping at Zaara’s. It’s concept of People around the country for housewives of Delhi. But for me it’s not the happiness. For me few are the simple facts which bring happiness to me. They are as below.
Happiness for me is when I can’t wake up d…

Review of Myriad Tales-A Season of Thrills, Chills & Spills

Writing Style: 4/5 
‘Myriad Tales-A Season of Thrills, Chills & Spills’ is collection of 32 stories on Horror, Comedy and Thrillers. A wonderful collection with different genres. Market is flooded with anthologies based on love-stories and as one said that too sweet can be boring sometimes. I, too started looking for something different rather than stolen glances, love-letters and tear-soaked pillows. Thanks to facebook, I got news about this book and from the very announcement of this book; I was waiting to grab the book. The moment I got the book, I started reading it and fell in love with the book. Horror, Comedy and Thriller all the three genres combined in one book. One story will make you keep lights on even in daylight and another one would make you fall from sofa due to laughter.  Few stories will make you bite your nails with suspense. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Each and every story is unique in itself.
At beginning, I felt like listing down my favorite stories but as I too…


In our Indian tradition, girls are bound to leave their house after marriage. Their willingness or unwillingness never bothered world and maybe would never ever bother about this fact. From my childhood I, too heard these words,” This is not your house. You will go to your own house after marriage.” Of course, not from my parents but neighbours and society. I always took the words lightly as I had a nature due to which I never bothered about anything unless I face it. Same happened in case of marriage. 
I got engaged to my hubby in June 2013. He was an engineer in Pune. Pune was much near to my city compared to other cities where Agrawal girls were married off. My mother was really happy because my elder sister was married in Delhi and compared to her I was married nearby our house. But as it says,” Man proposes and God deposes.” After one or two months of our engagement my hubby went to Israel and there he was selected in company based in Noida with higher package. My hubby and in-law…

My Bold Step

Most of the human pass their life by following the path trodden by others. Very few have capacity and will-power to take the untraded path. It needs immense courage and inner strength to do what is never done before.
It’s not necessary that this bold step must be something very big. It can be at very minor level. This bold step which can change one’s life can bring out positive or negative results but the main fact about this whole procedure is the courage one needs to take the bold step. It happened with me, too. I, took bold step. As I said above, it is not necessary that step needs to be a giant one, affecting the whole world or community. Mine bold step was also a minor one but it actually changed my life.
The story goes back in 2011. Due to my brilliant performance in study as well as co-curricular activities, principal of my college asked me to appear in interviews going on for post of lecturer. It was reality that my performance was really well and I was brightest student of En…

The Moment