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Review of 'The Bluest Marble'

About Author:
Vipin Kumar is a multi-talented personality. Writing many stories and poems which remained unpublished and after these unpublished works, He published his debut novel. ‘The Bluest Marble’.
Plot: 4/5 
The plot revolves around Aditya and Ram Kumar 125. There is a connection between this two personalities and this connection introduces many characters like Jitu, Rakesh, UT, Jackey and Rajesh. This connection takes us on a ride of life of a person who is engineer but joins finance sector, to see many ups and downs in his life, which takes him to a ride which starts from Bombay, Delhi and ends to Goa.
Characters: 4.5/5
Aditya Saxena: An engineer by education and financial employee by profession. His perfect and well settled life takes ups and turns which brings reader to a question that can life be like this? 
Rakesh and Jitu: Rakesh and Jitu are friends and roommates of Aditya. These two represent the bitter reality of life and relations.
Pooja: Ex-girlfriend of Aditya, whom he lov…

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