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Instant Khaman

Khaman is Gujarati dish. A famous breakfast which is normally used for trolling Gujarati community but whoever has tasted it, swears by it's tangy and sweet taste.

Though born and brought up in Gujarat, I never tried making Khaman. Hailing from Mathura by ancestral origin we preferred Mathura style breakfast at home. but after I got married , I felt like learning Khaman and other Gujarati breakfast items as my husband loved Khaman. It was not possible for me to get khaman from outside everytime he craved for it so I tightened the belt and decided to learn it.

Khaman is such a thing that needs proper attention and quantity of ingredients. If you miss a thing then it would turn into disaster. Trust me, I have become expert n Khman making but it has coasted me several disastrous experiences. Many times it turned soggy, many times didn't rise at all etc etc.
After many experiments now I can make perfect khaman. So  am sharing my recipe of Khaman here that needs few ingredients.


Rajma Tikki

World's shortest horror story?? DIETING.
Yeah, this would be definitely a horror story for a person who's foodie. Who can't pass a single day without tasty and tastebuds teasing food. Just like me. Due to pregnancy, laziness and lifestyle I gained too much weight in past two years. After realizing that I needed to shed many kilos to get back in former shape and for that I joined gym. After joining gym I realized that only exercise would do nothing, i also needed to go on a diet.
Being a foodie it was impossible for me to stay away from yummilicious and tasty food so I decided to give my diet food a tasty twist and here is one of them. Rajma Tikki.
The moment tikki word appears , the crispy, round, soft, loaded with chutneys, curd and onions and tomatoes, garnished with coriander Tikkis start dancing in front of our eyes.
To stop my craving for those tasty but full of unhealthy calories I made this Rajma Tikkis. So here goes the recipe.
Ingredients :
Rajma (kidney beans)…

Kadhai Paneer

Paneer cubed- 100 gram
Tomato cubed- 1/2 cup
Onions cubed- 1/2 cup
Capsicum cubed- 1/2 cup
Salt - as per taste
Red chilli Powder- 1 teaspoon
Sugar- one pinch
Fresh Cream- 2 tablespoons
For Gravy
Tomato- 2-3 medium sized
Onion- 2 medium sized
Cashews- 15-20 whole or fistfull broken
Garlic- 3-4 cloves
Ginger- small piece
Green chili - as per your taste
For tempering:-
1 Bay leaf
1 small piece cinnamon stick
For garnishing -
Kasoori Methi
Fresh Cream 0
Recipe:- 1. Take all ingredients from gravy recipe in a blender and make smooth paste. 2. Chop all the vegetables and Paneer in medium sized cubes and keep them aside. 3. Take pan and put it on medium flame. 4. Add 2 tablespoons Ghee. Add cinnamon and bay leaf when hot. 5. Add paste for gravy and let it cook till it thickens and leaves ghee on sides. 6. Add spices and 1/2 cup water. Let it simmer bit and add veggies and paneer and fresh cream. 7. As the gravy thickens. Garnish it with Kasoori methi and fresh cream. 8. Serve it h…

Journey from either wicked OR loving mother-in-law To caring and loving mummyji.

Hey guys, every time I blog for Mommy I feel like I’m breathing again. Breathing again in world of imagination and feelings. This time Bloggers Reviews India and Bigsmall has provided me an opportunity to pay gratitude to my mother-in- law, who is the world’s best Mom-in-law. The activity is about Mother but trust me my mother -in-law is so loving and caring that I actually believe her to be my real mommy. My mother-in-law and my relationship is just like of Karishma Kapoor and her mother-in-law from Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge. Where she believed her mother-in-law to be typical one who would torture her to death but in reality she is loving and caring who loves her just as her own daughter.

 I call her Mummyji. From childhood every girl is hammered with taunts like “ Esi saas milegi ke teri akkal thikane la degi, aagey ja, saas itna kaam karvayegi ke teri sari akad utar jayegi.” I, too was hammered with these words by my mummy and elder sister whenever they lost their temper. I like a commo…

Ecotique- crafted naturally. 5 Earth Body and Face Scrub and Face Pack

Well, summer is the season where one needs to pamper skin  that too with calming and soothing products to save it from harming heat and sun-rays. People like me suffering with oily skin face more  issues thanks to oil dripping skin. Every skin needs different skin care routine for every season and in the same way it requires different skincare products.
Recently I received few products from a brand Ecotique- Crafted Naturally that produces premium naturally beauty products. 
So today I will be reviewing 5 Earth Scrub and Face pack from Ecotique.
Product discription for Scrub and Face pack: Price: 749 for 30 gm. Suitable on all skin types.

Key ingredients of Scrub : Volcanic Clay, Volcanic sand, Sandalwood powder.
Key Ingredients of Face pack: Volcanic Clay, Geranium Oil, Coriander Seeds oil, Vetiver Oil, Cedar wood Oil, Sea fern Algae active.
Product claims:  It claims to shrink pores, brightens tones, cools, treats acne and controls sebum. Scrub description:
Scrub is red earth color and bit co…

Our Space Adventures with Colgate

Every time I write a blogpost for Blogadda I feel alive. This time Blogadda has brought wonderful activity for bloggers as well as kids in collaboration with Colgate.

After registration and selection I informed my neighbor's children who are 5 and 8 years old about the activity as my own daughter is just one and half. Before I received the packs I already told them that I would be receiving packs of colgate with space adventures characters inside it. Both of them got highly excited when they came to know that they were supposed to write a story based on those characters.

As I received the packs I called them and under my assistance they cut out all the characters and started thinking about the story. Children's names are Shayan and Ashida. Being typical siblings both of them couldn't agree on any of the story as one would simply dislike another's idea. It seemed that soon my house would turn into WWIV's battleground. So I took situation under my control and decid…

Review of Ashvamedha by Aparna Sinha

About Author:
Aparna Sinha entered into world of literature at age of seven when she recited her first poem on All India Radio. Since then many of her articles have got published on various platforms.

Writing Style: 5/5
Ashvamedha is interesting book which revolves around politics and power and delivers us a relatable masterpiece. The book has all the elements which readers ask for. There is thriller and suspense. There is dirty game of politics and power. There is romance and then there is mysterious characters and closely knitted storyline with twists and turns to keep you hooked with the book. Characterization- All the characters are portrayed beautifully. You can catch a glimpse of today's politicians in Aparna's characters. Language is simple and lucid with dialogs dipped in power and Thriller. Narration is done well and engages readers with the book. Book cover is attractive and gives us hint about the genre and content. Title is fitting and interesting. Overall As…

Our Wonderful trip to Kerala thanks to Makemytrip

After arrival of our darling daughter Jisha in our life, we rarely got chance to travel and explore new places. Jisha is just 1 year old but due to bed rest I had been house-arrest from last 2 years. But as everyone knows every wife has her own personal Jinny, who’s named as husband in dictionary. :P :P :Pin the same way my husband knew my frustration for being at home all the time, he started planning a trip. Our anniversary is on 10th December. Like every wife I keep bugging dear hubby about anniversary plans throughout year but this time he didn’t let me know anything about the plans.  So I was bit frustrated with him.
But just before 15 days, he took me to mall and told me, hey dear, we are going  to Kerala for a week and obviously you will need new clothes for this trip. So have this card and start shopping. Wohooooo, yeah, this was my reaction and crazily I went on shopping spree. As my husband declared that we are going for trip I was bit worried about the trip organizer. but …

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Soap.

Hello, all lovely mommies out there. Am back again with review of baby product and this time it is baby soap. 

When it comes our baby's skin we become quite worried as now a days market is flooded with variety of baby soaps. So.e of them are Ayurvedic and some fully chemical loaded. I never ever prefer soaps for my own skin so you can surely imagine I would be damn choosy about her skin as well.

So today I will be reviewing Mother Sparsh's baby soap. I received it with other products in a HUGE kit. Yeah! Trust me it's quite huge as it can store all your baby's medicines, toiletry items at one place. 😁😁 I simply fell in love with this kit. 
Now let's go to the review.

Key ingredients:  Aloe-vera, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Olive oil. 
 Product claims: It claims to provide nourishment to baby skin without harming delicate skin securing it from rashes and dirt.
Product description : It's color is white and smell is so mild just as baby's need.
Price : 75 gm for 48…

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

Hey beautiful ladies out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks to my darling Jisha I rarely get time to review products. But I must say with her arrival in my life I have also got an opportunity to review baby products. Being new mommy I was curious about using chemical laden products on my tiny angel. So I searched a bit about Ayurvedic baby products. As I searched a bit , came across many brands but a brand named Mother Sparsh grabbed my attention. 

I got whole kit of Mother Sparsh's all products. The kit in which I got all the products is quite spacious and bigger one. Every time I travel, I use same kit to carry my baby's medicines and other toiletries.  Now let's come to the product which I will be reviewing today. It's Mother Sparsh baby body wash. 

Key ingredients: All ayurvedic Ingredients like Aloe vera leaves, Neem bark, Holy basil leaves, Olive oil, Turmeric, 
 Product claims: It claims to clean the skin, retains moisture & makes skin radiant and beautiful. It also prot…