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My darling Strongest

Masi.  I am yet to listen this word from her  mouth but I am  waiting for the day she pronounce it.  All of you must be wondering   that what on the earth has happened to me.   Why am I getting rabbit out of the hat??  Well,  Blogadda as usual has brought a brand new activity where once again every blogger is brought to live those tiny moments of joy and happiness using the wand of imagination. This time Blogadda in association with Dabur baby  massage oil has brought a wonderful activity where every blogger is going to express his or her views on goodness of massage oils for baby.
There would be rarely any idiotic person on this  earth who won't have affection for children.  Yup,  I know children can be devils but let's concentrate on infants and toddlers.  Being a Masi at once, I have experienced a thing.  my niece is damn cute and loving and I feel extremely enraged whenever my sister gets angry on her even for a moment. But as my sister says, " keep Shagun with you …

Bundle of Joy

Infant. The moment we hear this word, a small bundle of joy starts flashing in fro t of our eyes.  With tiny hands, legs, Small but sparkling eyes,  those tiny lips curving for yawn. That smile when it looks at us. It's fragile yet beautiful body, responding to nature and the new atmosphere it has come into.  For the relatives and friends,  this tiny creature is nothing but a toy with whom they would get to click few selfies and update their statuses on facebook like feeling awesome with Tom,  Dik and Harry. But for it's parents it becomes centre of their world. The tiny bundle of joy,  part of their being,  part of their existence, proof  of their love and togetherness.
The moment it's mother carries it in her hands,  her world becomes complete.  The child whom she carried in her womb for nine months.  For whom she spent sleepless nights,  left favorite clothes, avoided tasty junkfood and bore many kicks and cramps and pains, it is finally in her hand.  The baby whose mo…

From Fat to Fab.

Hey guys,  till today you read just  about books, reviews, products and activity blogs but today we will discuss about benefits of balanced diet and nutritional compromises of a crash diet.  Well,  you guys must be thinking that I am not a health instructor or dietitian. Or any celebrity whose health tips will be very interesting for you.  I agree with you all.  I am neither dietitian nor celebrity. Yet my views on diet surely going to be useful for you.  As I am the girl who had gained horrible weight due to my love of junk food but thanks to constant nagging of my mummy.  I gave up all the worst food habits and started going to gym and followed a healthy balanced diet.   First of all let me clear some basic idea about healthy diet and crash diet.
Healthy diet includes slower but steadier results as it includes food but good one with lots of fibers,  nutrition but lesser fat.
Crash diet is supposed to give you quick results but it won't provide you any healthy benefits. It inclu…

My love

Well,  Cricket is something which works like feviquick for cricket lovers.  Whether it's IPL,  World cup or test match,  all of them have capacity to keep everyone stick to chair.  During these days,  you can find different species of human being.  One shouting like Gorillas,  one jumping like Chimpanzee,  one roaring like lions,  one crying like Bahus of Kyunkis and Kahaanis,  one who satisfy their hunger by biting nails,  one getting bald by pulling hairs,  one feeling sick on these auspicious day (only in official terms ;) ) and many more to join this list if new human species. Especially for husbands,  brothers,  fathers and sons.  In short whole community of gents is just crazy about Cricket.  There is number of ladies also who give tough competition for this craziness for Cricket.  Thanks to God,  He didn't stuffed my mind with this love for Cricket. I never had any craze for this idiotic and time wasting game.  I hated it like anything. In my family,  only my father ha…