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Hey guys, can you tell me one thing which every human being has done in his/her life? Whether the person is poor or billionaire, celebrity or common man, woman or man? Yes, yes, you are diverting your mind in right way, it is Shopping. Just by reading this word, many of you may have day dreaming about your favorite shopping destinations and the products you wish to buy. I, myself love online shopping as it has been really amazing experience for me with different websites as the products I received were really wonderful and perfect. The only thing which I disliked about it was that sometimes I missed great deals and coupons. As I used different websites, I missed deals from another websites sometimes, which disappointed me a lot. I always wished that if there was a website where I could see deals from all websites as well as about the latest trends of fashion. Answering to my prays, God implanted the idea of in the minds of Deepak Jain and Prashant Mahajan. Guys I …

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