Friends forever

“Once God ordered one of his angels to go on earth. He started crying, as he was not ready to leave God. So God consoled him, “as soon as you reach on earth I will also reach there to be with you.”So angel went. After dying as a mortal being angel again reached to heaven and complained God, “I waited for you, but you didn’t come. Why? God smiled and said, “I was always there with you. But you did not notice me. Mortals address the person as a “Friend.”

In above-mentioned story, it is not important what angel does latter on, but the reply of God to him is most important. Man passes his whole life in search of God but fails to recognize Him in form of friend. Friend is a person who will understand your pain through your eyes, your sadness will bring tears in his eyes, your hunger will force him to reach a restaurant, and your thirst will make him thirsty. Friend is a person who will remind you every now and than of your failure, but it is not negative as he wishes to see you successful person. Friends are like the wet smell, which comes out of earth after first rain. Ride on bike and the Masala Corn tastes more delicious with friends. Their memories are so sweet and dangerous that you never need to cut onions to cry. The tears will come itself, but tears are so strange as they also bring smile on your face. These memories of friends can make any person “nostalgic.” But as suggested by Robert Frost in his famous poem:
“the woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
The half-shared Tiffin box and tea after bunking a class reminds you of Heaven. Friend is an airbag who saves you from all the dangers and sometime push you in danger, but just for fun. If a Teacher punishes you friend smirks at first but as soon as finds tears in your eyes also becomes serious. But still they are so trustworthy that nothing remains personal with the friend. Friend’s unexpected arrival gives too much pleasure. Friend knows you more than you know your own self. He will help you to get your love, but will also protect you from fake lovers. Friend’s one scrap in Orkut or one comment on Facebook reminds you that in this huge universe someone cares for you. Every friend has a big tummy that can digest everything told by you. Friend has unlimited patience to listen you, and power to endure your changing moods. Friend is a person whom you give authority to destroy you, with a hope he would never destroy you. While waiting for friend every minute seems like hour and with friend, every hour seems minute. While waiting for friend we take an oath that ‘Next time’ we will not wait, but this ‘Next Time’ never comes. Friend also bursts upon you at once but later on sends you sms to remind you that he is emotionally fool. Friend at once will make you sentimental by sending you emotional massage and other moment will say,”Hey Buddy! It was just a joke.” Every happiness seems futile without sharing with friend. A true friend will easily recognize sadness, which comes after receiving parents’ anger. In reality friend is greater than God because in any problem, we can just remember God but friend is a person whom we can call for our rescue. One does not need to be artificial in front of friend because in this universe only friend is a person in front of whom we become as we are. Friends give meaning to our life and to our dream. Friend is like a chocolate cake that tastes great both hot and cold, in the same manner friend also remains same for you both in anger and in patience. Friend is a person who makes you aware of your own potential and skill. Without friend, whole universe seems futile. Every man will have may be hundreds of friends on Orkut or Facebook but true friends will be only few. If life is flute than friend is music.
The only thing to be remembered is friends are never selected they just come in your life and make you feel special. At last if you have this ‘precious’,’idiot’,’loving’,’naughty’,’little bit mad’ creature with you than you are the richest person in this universe.


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