TRESseme Split Remedy- Rapunzel's magic wand.

I had wonderful hair since childhood. Everyone adored me as Rapunzel, princess with long tresses. I loved my long and shiny hair a lot. Days passed became years and I grew up and my hair too. As a child I remained away from the pollutions and damages which could decrease my Rapunzel hair. As soon as I stepped out in outer world, my hair got affected by the pollution. My long hair started having split ends, which made my hair look shabby and rough. I was so depressed because my Rapunzel hair were transformed into Dame Gothel hair. I used many shampoos and different hair oils to get my Rapunzel hair back. I browsed through internet to go to root cause of split ends and below are some of reasons. 
Exposure to the Sun, Vigorous toweling, regular hair straightening or perming, rash combing, blow drying and etcetera etcetera. I changed my life style and avoided above mentioned causes, but nothing cured my split ends. My mom, friends, Doctors advised me to have haircut, which was like killing myself. I was so depressed, I took the Rapunzel fairy tale’s book in my hand and stared at long golden traces of Rapunzel and wondered that what would have been Rapunzel’s secret of Long and split ends free hair. I slept while thinking so and suddenly I found myself in front of Rapunzel!!!!!!!!!! She was looking so beautiful with her long golden tresses, which danced with air’s flow. She smiled at me and said, “You are so depressed due to your splits hair, right?” 

“Yes, can you please give me the magic wand which turned your hair into splits free?" 
She chuckled “You already have the magic wand, which I use, but you never used it.” 
I exclaimed “Really? Please tell me name of it. ” 
Rapunzel smiled and showed me the magic wand which was secret of her beautiful long hair.
She held TRESseme Split Remedy shampoo in her hand, and added” use it with TRESseme Split Remedy Conditioner and you will have long hair without splits.”  
I woke up with sound of commercial of TRESseme Split Remedy. 


I look at Rapunzel fairy tale in my hand. She was smiling as if telling,” Trust me, it’s not a dream. It will work.” 
I got the TRESseme Split Remedy shampoo and TRESseme Split Remedy conditioner and after just three washes 96% of the split ends were rescued. 
Thanks to TRESseme Split Remedy shampoo and TRESseme Split Remedy conditioner to make me Rapunzel once again.    




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  2. I read your article.
    I am happy reading the same.
    The end appeared as an advertisement of a particular product.
    And I found: it is not a bad idea to do advertisement this way.


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