Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

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Thanks to my darling Jisha I rarely get time to review products. But I must say with her arrival in my life I have also got an opportunity to review baby products. Being new mommy I was curious about using chemical laden products on my tiny angel. So I searched a bit about Ayurvedic baby products. As I searched a bit , came across many brands but a brand named Mother Sparsh grabbed my attention. 

I got whole kit of Mother Sparsh's all products. The kit in which I got all the products is quite spacious and bigger one. Every time I travel, I use same kit to carry my baby's medicines and other toiletries. 
Now let's come to the product which I will be reviewing today. It's Mother Sparsh baby body wash. 

Key ingredients: All ayurvedic Ingredients like Aloe vera leaves, Neem bark, Holy basil leaves, Olive oil, Turmeric, 

 Product claims: It claims to clean the skin, retains moisture & makes skin radiant and beautiful. It also protects skin from infections by removing dirt. 

Product description: It is yellowish in color and smells gentle.

Product Review:   Whenever I am travelling the only thing that bothers me is my daughter's toiletry needs. Using soap is totally impossible as it is tough to store wet soap and as per my knowledge there are no travel packs available from the brands I use for Jisha's skin. So when I received Mother Sparsh's body wash I felt bit relieved. I started using it very day and today the bottle is about to end. I am quite happy with this product.
The product is yellowish and gentle in smell. Coin sized amount is enough for whole body of 1 year child. Take it in your palms and add water. Rub on baby's body and then wash it off with water. This product from Mother Sparsh is impressive economically as 100 ml bottle lasted around 25-28 days. It has made my baby's skin softer . It's price is also affordable. 

Pros of Body Wash:
·        Ayurvedic Ingredients
·        gives rich lather 
Cons of Body Wash:
·        Have not found any. 
My rating for this Body wash. 4/5.


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