Our Space Adventures with Colgate

Every time I write a blogpost for Blogadda I feel alive. This time Blogadda has brought wonderful activity for bloggers as well as kids in collaboration with Colgate.

After registration and selection I informed my neighbor's children who are 5 and 8 years old about the activity as my own daughter is just one and half. Before I received the packs I already told them that I would be receiving packs of colgate with space adventures characters inside it. Both of them got highly excited when they came to know that they were supposed to write a story based on those characters.

As I received the packs I called them and under my assistance they cut out all the characters and started thinking about the story. Children's names are Shayan and Ashida. Being typical siblings both of them couldn't agree on any of the story as one would simply dislike another's idea. It seemed that soon my house would turn into WWIV's battleground. So I took situation under my control and decided that we would combine two stories in to one and thus both would be declared as winner and creative mind.
So here goes our story. Shayan the great astronaut decided to go to the mars for further investigation of the project " Chocolate on Mars". This was very critical  project because the Cocoa was disappearing from the planet Earth and it was creating chaos amongst residents of  planet Earth. It became necessary for scientists of whole world to find another source of Cocoa powder. As our planet was lacking Cocoa so astronauts decided to visit another planets to find source of Cocoa.
The higher authorities trusted only two astronauts for this mission. Astronaut Shayan and Astronaut Ashida. Both of them were ready to save the planet Earth from this chaos and find sources of Cocoa on Mars. Both boarded on their space shuttle and started their journey towards Mars. As they landed on Mars something unexpected happens. Astronaut Ashida's Oxygen mask breaks and she has to stay in space shuttle as leaving it could risk her life. Astronaut Shayan unaffected starts his search on Mars.
Suddenly he finds something moving on horizon and cautiously he moves towards it and is shocked to see an Alien. Both of them takes out their guns and points towards eachother. Understanding the condition they takes off their guns. Surprisingly Alien speaks to Shayan in language of Earth and tells Shayan that he actually has come here to help Shayan as he has brought lots of  Cocoa seeds with him and as these seeds are magical the plants grown from these seeds would never age and would never stop giving fruits. Shocked Shayan asks him how did he knew that with what purpose Shayan Ashida were here? Alien says that actually with their advanced techniques they could came to know about this mission well in advance. Knowing that this Alien is friendly and helping Shayan thanks him and asks if he could help the Alien back in anyway. 
Alien smiles shyly and reveals his teeth which are full of cavities and swollen gums and asks Shayan if he could help him with his teeth problem as on their planet this is common problem. Before Shayan could say anything Ashida comes from behind who repaired her pump in meanwhile and hands over him pack of Colgate toothpaste which helps in keeping gums and teeth healthy, removing all bad bacteria from our mouth. 
Alien starts dancing with joy and thanks them wholeheartedly and leaves for his planet. Ashida and Shayan also places their flag on land of Mars and comes back to Earth with never ending sources of  Cocoa.

Hope you all enjoyed this story just as me and the children enjoyed it while writing it.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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