Coconutty Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hair Fall. Premature graying, Baldness, Hair-growth , Rough and dry hair.
  now a days I haven't met a single person who isn't suffering from above mentioned hair related problems. I too, had really stronger , longer and thicker hair. But after pregnancy that lustrous hair got lost somewhere. 
But wait blaming just pregnancy, population or contaminated food and lifestyle isn't going to solve problems for us. 

I seriously confess that Oiling is only thing that can save our hair from every kind of damage. Till the time I used to oil my hair regularly , they were growing really well and were really stronger but as my habit Oiling git lesser , the lustrous and strength of hair got lesser.  After trying numerous oils, I decided to switch back to my favourite oil Coconut Oil. 

I came across this brand called Coconutty. which deals in  coconut products like, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut. I tried their Raw  extra virgin coconut oil for the diy Oil I made in past. 

This Coconut oil is amazingly pure. you can say that just by looking at it. It has heavenly coconut fragrance. Best part is you can use this oil for cooking, Keto recipes and bullet coffees as well. 

Now let's come to my DIY hair oil. This Oil stays good for 35-40 days. I prepare this in small batch so I can have it freshly prepared. This can be applied on any age group people. 

Coconutty Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 300 gram
Betel Leaves - 6-7
Hibiscus Leaves - 4-5
Curry leaves - 1/2 cup. 
Aloevera Leaf.

Collect all ingredients. chop all leaves in smaller pieces. Heat oil in pan. Add chopped leaves. Let it boil till leaves go black. Let it stay overnight. Strain it. and store in jar.

I prefer to massage my scalp and hair with this oil and keep it overnight. and if not possible to keep overnight then I keep it for minimum 2 hours and use hot towel wrap method.

Here is pic of the prepared oil 

Well, about the leftover burnt leaves. I grind and mix with aloevera gel or any hair pack and apply for 1-2 hours. 

So , no ingredient goes to waste. 
Try this DIY oil and let me know your thoughts on this one. 

Here is AMAZON Link to buy this oil.


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