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Modern world has made our life relaxed with many facilities, amenities and technologies. But has it given us true peace and happiness? If we look around carefully then we would find that actually these modern world and its flaws has made human being alone. Social media has connected us with whole world. City, state, country are no more barriers. But don’t you guys feel that actually it has widened the gaps between the families living together?

Instead of discussing lives of others let me focus on mine as my own family also suffers from the same issue. As soon as all the members are gathered at evening, we have our dinner. Till it everything is great but as soon as dinner gets over, all of us get engrossed in our smart phones and laptops. Instead of discussing whole day’s activities, we used to get involved in our smartphones. Not only on weekdays but also on weekends, it became the schedule for us. We would be together, on same sofa, in same room, in same house but virtually we were so away. Busy in chatting or playing games became our schedule. We were together physically but not mentally. Sometimes this thing affected me, especially when we would say something but other would not pay any heed to it. This thing irritated us the most. We decided that we would not allow this kind of thing anymore. Both of us had decided that we would remove this obstacle between the Real Togetherness. Both of us firmly believed that being physically together was not the real one but being mentally together was the real togetherness. We decided to spend our leisure time and weekends in company of each other and nature.

We just shifted to Pune and unlike our flat in Delhi, this one is surrounded by greenery and a farm-facing balcony. As weekends approached, we just dumped our phones and laptops in cupboard and shifted to balcony with mugs of tea and bean bags. We spent the whole day enjoying clouded weather, watching different birds and recognizing different types of plants and trees. We were so engrossed in watching plants, holding our hands that we didn’t realise that we had spent almost half of the day. We were about to withdraw from our balcony but something caught his attention and he exclaimed,” Sonal, look. There is a cat with its kittens. They are so cute.” We clicked pictures of them. Yeah, yeah only for the pictures, we got the phone out of cupboard. As soon as we clicked pictures we put it back.

 During these nature oriented weekends we also planted Mango tree and it started blooming in one or two weeks.

Now we have got rid of our habit of using phone and have focused developing the greenery around our flat and working together in garden has made us realize the real meaning of Real Togetherness. 


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