Review of Diabolical by Supriya Parulekar

About Author:

Supriya Parulekar is a published fiction author with five books. She likes experimenting with different genres and you will find something dark and mysterious in her. She has worked as a script editor for TV18, History channel.

Storyline: 3.5/5

Soniya is a superstar and queen of million hearts. She has everything fame, love, money, popularity, beauty. Everything. But as philosophy says no one is perfectly happy in this world and same is the case with Soniya. She is psychiatric patient. She suffers from depression and roots of this depression lies in her childhood. With greedy mother and loving sister Tania, will Sonia be able to survive in this ruthless world? What would be her fate? 

Writing Style: 4/5

This my first experience of reading Supriya Parulekar and this very work has made me admirer of Supriya’s writing style. A storyline which seems inspired from Bollywood but as soon as you open the book, it is already written for a friend who gave up. This very line however gives idea of the story. Along with unique story writer has poured life into it with help of awesome writing style. Now a days it has become kind of trend to use hard vocabulary to impress the readers but it has reverse effect. Instead of using it Supriya is much focused on entertaining her readers. With life like characters, which we will find around us as depression is becoming major and common issue now a days. One would find patients of depression moving around us and the difficulties they face is also mostly known to us.

Character of Tania, sister of Soniya is the life of story. Though she is younger, she has guts to save her sister from this rude world and her greedy mother. Relations are portrayed so realistically in this work. How parents’ abandoning can be harmful for children’s present, future and sometimes whole life. One or two incidents could be given more importance. Meher’s mystery could be more clearly. Her character could be given some justice as it is left to reader’s imagination power to imagine about Maher’s future and whereabouts.

Apart from depression, child abuse is second major issue which is discussed in this work and it penetrates our heart to see how destructive it can be. It does not destroy only childhood but whole life of a child. As the child grows up, he dreads the society and people around it. Through character of Soniya, Supriya has presented this heart wrenching fact very well.
Waiting for more and more works to read from Supriya. From this work one can easily predict the awesome future of the writer.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 195 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publishers.
Language: English


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