She is Mardaani

मैं हूँ वो तोहफा ईश्वर का, जो जन्मा एक हड्डी के टुकड़े से.
मैं हूँ वो ठंडी सी हवा, जो आँधी भी बन सकती हे.
मैं हूँ वो छोटा सा ज़रना, जो बाढ़ भी बन सकता हे,
मैं हूँ वो हलकी सी बौछार, जो अतिवृष्टि भी बन सकती हे.
मैं हूँ वो बिखरने वाली लहर, जो सुनामी बन सकती हे.
मैं हूँ वो अबला नारी, जो जरुरत पड़ने पे मर्दानी भी बन सकती हे.

From the moment God decided to create Eve from rib of Adam, He gave a kind of authority to Man , to rule and mistreat Woman. From the primitive age Woman is considered as the  weaker sex and always considered as a “Creature created by God to entertain, to serve, to please Man.” These few words represent the mentality of Man for Woman and throws light on the ‘dark corners of the stage, where woman cries, when away from stage’, applies extra make up to hide the wounds and to be called a fashionable Diva. Everything has got certain limitations in this world and whenever this limitation is crossed the unexpected happens. Same is the case with Woman. She bore all tortures, burdens of household and physical as well as mental abuse of this world, but the moment her patience gave away, a new world  was born where She became altogether different personality, left household behind and rubbed shoulders with Man on roads, offices and many more places. Though this eruption of volcano took place, Man remained the same for Woman.
From the very primitive ages to till today Woman is beaten, raped, abused, and harassed by Man. The growth of technology served better means for Man, to harass and abuse Woman mentally. Amongst tools of technology the wickedest one is social networking websites, especially facebook. You guys must have been reading in newspapers that states about  Ex-husband who  created fake profile of wife and announced her a prostitute or a case where photos were taken from this website and edited them to porn  and tried to ruin the life of girl. Generally in these kind of cases the victim just keeps quiet and hides away from the world. Very few are the cases where Woman fights back and brings out these kind of Psychos. I feel proud to announce and introduce to you a dear and brave friend of mine, who did not hide away from the world, when she was blackmailed and threatened by so called fake writer. Though he threatened her to Photoshop her photos and misuse her photos, she took a stand and BROUGHT him BEFORE the ENTIRE world using the SNAPSHOTS OF THE CHATS where he had threatened her.
 Here is the pic of the friend of mine. Her name is Ahona Das. 

She is a student right now. The worm of creativity and literature got somehow into her and made her an editor and a contributor in some anthologies. Few days back she was contacted by so-called fake writer Rohit Bhatia to review his story. After reading the story, Ahona realized that the story was not his original piece of work. She read the same story on internet few years back, authored by someone else. When Ahona brought this issue to Rohit, he started abusing Ahona. He started harassing and threatening Ahona.
Here are pics of the proof of his misbehavior. From the dialogues you can have idea that how my friend Ahona fought back to him.

Things did not stop here for Rohit as he changed his profile pic to a porn image and started spreading rumours that he is behaving abnormally because Ahona had affair with him and later on she broke up. Ahona came to know about this fact through one of her friends. Can you guess her reaction? She again updated her status with all the pics of chat and declared that Rohit had malice intentions and not to trust him. 

Before all this happened, Ahona was just a Facebook friend for me, who edited one of my poems and was  the editor of the anthology, but from the moment, I came to know about all  this stuff, I started respecting Ahona because though younger to me she has guts to fight back. She did not think twice about world’s reaction or Rohit’s bullies. She updated all images on her Facebook wall to make others aware of this fake writer. One needs damn guts to do this, I must say that Ahona is the only Mardaani, I met till date.  

 Hats off to this wonderful Bengal Tigress. Proud to be your friend.   

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers.



  1. thank you, dear! I feel so honored :')

  2. This is actually serious and way too good how Ahona handled..


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