Happiness is Family

Definition of happiness differs from person to person. For someone it might be there in enjoying four course meal at Taj palace and for someone it might be there in enjoying gol gappas at roadside stall. For someone it might be there in enjoying world tour and for someone it might be there in being together at home. For me happiness resides in small things.
Here is my list for what I prefer for happiness.

1)      Staying at home during weekends:

Normally it is said that wives love to shop and travel on weekends but for me happiest weekend is when it is spent with my dear hubby, at home. He is software engineer and spend five days at company so whenever weekends come he loves to spend them at home. I, too enjoy his company so much rather than malls and theatres and we spend our weekend at home. Spending time together, cooking various dishes so and so on.

2)      Spending few days at In-Law’s home:

My hubby and I live alone at Delhi but whenever we get chance we visit our home at Rajasthan and those days always prove to be best days of my life. Spending time with family, learning new bhajans of Thakurji, wearing sarees and giving Dhok to elders. It’s just awesome to be there. It’s a small village surrounded by hills and so it becomes most enjoyable and beautiful place during monsoons. Thanks to my housewife status, I can easily steal few days from Delhi and enjoy picnics and all Saawan festivals at home with my elders. I’m very lucky to have the lady I have as mother-in-law. She loves to cook various dishes whenever I’m at home, treating me like princess, worrying about my comforts and giving priority to my comfort rather than norms and rituals of society. I, too love preparing sandwiches and pizzas at home because my father-in-law is foodie and he loves enjoying these dishes prepared by me. While going to home, I always call up and ask them what they need from Delhi. I, too myself remember various things they love like my mother-in-law loves facial kits, hair colours and beauty creams. So whenever I get these things for her she becomes so happy. Same case in my father-in-law, I get oregano seasoning, fruit buns and all ingredients for sandwiches, soups and pizzas. The happiness on their faces makes my all efforts worthy.
Thus, happiness for me is spending time with family at home.

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