My Pride

Now a days market is flooded with many smartphones. You buy one piece from market and next day there many new pieces which would try to lure you make you repent why you bought the phone. The most amazing fact about it is you can have them after few months but once again there would be many to lure you again.

ASUS has launched new model  Zenfone 2 and it’s quite awesome piece and the details I’m showing here would surely make you go gaga over this phone. Here I’m giving you and myself five reasons to feel how ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine our smartphone experience

1)     It’s luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc-design.

If you leave aside this heavy sounding  words and just enjoy the awesome design of this sleek and shinier phone then everything else gonna leave your mind. It surely gonna made me gem of eyes amongst crowd. With people glancing at me, feeling jealous with my Zenfone 2.
I already smell that something’s burning!!!!

2)     ASUS Boostmaster that charges phone at double speed.

It happens many a times that we are rushing late for job or a trip and we forget to charge our phone overnight. When it strikes to our mind that we have forgotten to charge our phone, we barely have half an hour or an hour to  charge our phone. At that we want a feature that can charge our phone with double speed and here is ASUS Zenfone’s latest feature Boostmaster that can charge phone at double speed.
It’s really amazing na??

3)     Dual Sim Dual  Active.

Thanks to modern times we have hectic schedule which forces us to keep two numbers at time to maintain our private life and professional life. ASUS Zenfone 2 along with many features have kept this important feature in their mind. They have provided dual sim facility which will help us to maintain our professional life and private life along with it’s awesome features.

4)     Zenfone 2’s PixelMaster camera.

Thanks to ASUS Zenfone 2. Now I don’t need to carry my camera everywhere I go. It’s higher resolutions photos with shutter leg and low light feature gonna add much more zing in your life and this feature surely gonna make you a photographer. Surely, an amazing one!!!

5)     Reason to shine at your Kitty, get-togethers and office.

Smartphones have become inseparable and Oxygen-like necessity which hovers our lives. It’s as common as cloths. Now people don’t ask each other,” Do you have smartphone?” They ask,” Which company? How much GB? Mega-pixels? Dual sim? “If any of these features are missing from your phone then it becomes kind of shame for you. Thanks to ASUS Zenfone 2 , now you can flaunt yourself like a queen and king.


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