Review of The Notebook of Romance..

Writing Style- 3/5

Love, the essence of life. The dew presented by God to tie up people on earth in a bond. Many sagas have been written on this mysterious emotion but these 25 stories are unique in a way as keeping love at centre, they highlight many emotions wonderfully. Few of them are really awesome and some are very staple in nature, description and emotions. 

Here are the stories which touched my soul and convinced my mind to believe, “Yes, it can happen!”

1)      Deaf and Dumb Love by Sabi Shaikh:
At the beginning, author gives you feeling that it gonna be one of those typical corporate love stories but as the story continues you gonna love author’s writing style and his imagination.

2)      Letters from Ladakh by Shraddha Sahi:
This story felt like fresh wind. Awesome storyline and it’s really amazing one. You surely gonna love this story. Naah! I not gonna give idea about the story. It will be like cherry on top.

3)      Who wants to marry a Mama’s boy? By Manjula Pal:
Wonderful story. Don’t expect teenage fights, wooing scenes and all typical ingredients of love stories. Something different is coming your way. Grab it.

4)      How I fell in Love by Khushboo Gulrajani:
This kind of story, which every girl wishes to happen in her life. Narrate love story of your own marriage to your children. Just awesome.

5)      The Magical Door by Aashi Dahiya:
Yes, love is a magical wand which can turn your life into a fairy tale. But how about magical door?

6)      Love in the Air by Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi:
A basic question that haunts every human being on this earth,” will their love survive after marriage or not?” inspiring love story with tadka of 10 years of married life. You surely gonna love it. This story of Gargi has attracted my attention towards her other works. 

Other stories are also good yet they miss the refreshing touch. Apart from two or three stories all of the stories are given good attention and those whose debut works are included in this collection, I wish them good luck.


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