My Darling App

Thanks to technology our life has become so easy and full of facilities and amenities. With arrival of smartphones and different applications, human being is more pampered. Busy schedule of modern life and competitions have made human’s life hectic. This hectic life has made it tough for us to handle all day-today life’s tasks along with our professional life. Tasks like paying bills, recharging our DTH, buying products and many more to add. Every human wishes to have a Genie who can perform these small but time-consuming tasks and provide them solace and relief. 

Airtel has decided to become Genie for its users and has introduced an Airtel app which is multi-tasking app. It helps user to pay bills, recharge DTH, buy products, track account usage, track service requests and cherry on the top is its payback facility. With these much features Airtel app has become eye candy for my husband who uses Airtel Post-paid connection. His job of Software Engineer consumes most of his time and in weekend he loves to enjoy leisure time at home, not at bill lines or DTH recharge shops.

The features I loved the most in this app are as below.

1)      Pay Bills:

Airtel App is just awesome as one doesn’t have to stand in lines to pay bills. It can be paid through your mobile. You don’t need to suffer from cold of winters, burning heat of summer or bearing tantrums of rain. In comfort of your home while lying, eating or watching match you can pay your bills and trust me guys those who work like machines surely gonna love this feature.

2)      Recharge DTH:

Imagine you are watching your favourite soap opera if you are a girl and IPL if you are a boy and all of sudden your dish TV gets dis connected and it says your balance is over. Kindly recharge your account to continue your services. I know your heart gonna sink and you gonna scream as during daytime it’s easy to get the recharge done but what if this situation happens at night? You surely need a magic wand to complete this hard task for you. Well, well you have magic wand in your hand. Your smartphone and the Airtel app in your phone. It surely can bring back your soap opera or IPL back to you.  
3)      Getting food coupons:

Well guys, if you are also foodie like me than surely you will feel oneness with me. Yup, my darlings, every time you recharge from your Airtel app, you surely get some coupons. For us, lovers of MacD, CCD, KFC and many more names to remember, this app is like mummy. Yes like mummy. In childhood Mummy used to give us cash so that we could enjoy the tasty foods we love. Airtel app just like our mummy gonna provide us coupons to spend at various food courts.

So, these were the three features I loved in Airtel app. What’s yours?


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