Bliss of Earth Dried Green Stevia Leaves

I was introduced to the word "Stevia" in 2018 when I was on Keto diet (That's different topic that needs another post 😜😜). I searched a bit about this product and came to know that unlike saccharine , Stevia is plant based sweetener that's totally natural and got no side effect at all. 

So since 2018, I have made sure that every elder of my family who has Diabetes will use only Stevia products to enjoy sweetness once in a while. And also to the family members who doesn't eat sugar due to weight issues  like me. 😜😜I have tried lots of brands in search of perfect Stevia as many brands' Stevia had weird aftertaste that made it funny. After Searching many brands I came across this brand " Bliss of Earth" which has many products that works best for our skin, hair and body. As soon as they introduced Stevia product in different forms I got them. 
I have tried their Stevia Dried Green leaves, Stevia Powder and Stevia Liquid. Best part about their Stevia products is that they have no weird aftertaste. It tastes as good as sugar. 

In this post will talk about Stevia Dried Green Leaves.  This leaves work perfect for the teas and coffees for me. Adding sweetener in already prepared beverage is not preferred by me. So I add  this leaves in boiling tea or coffee. just pinch of leaves is enough for a big cup of coffee or tea. And as everyone has different preferences , you can increase or decrease amount of the product as per your like. 

Product comes at price of 345 for 100 grams. 

You can buy this product from below given link. 


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