Book Review: The Bankster

Awesome, thrilling, breathtaking, amazing, incredible and so and so and so. Words cannot express the awesome feeling, which comes by reading "The Bankster" written by Ravi Subramanian. The title itself gives the reader idea that novel moves around bank industry and the "Banksters" [Bank=Gangster] working in this industry. The title itself gives idea of author's intelligence, who has mixed up two words and has coined new word "Bankster".  The story is about money, power and greed. How the powerful people misuse the power and manipulate the people under and around them. Once again, the selfishness of humankind is revealed, where one is ready to kill and use anyone, who crosses his path. The way Ravi has woven the web of three places and many characters amuses us. The book is about Greater Boston Global Bank and its employees. Not only GB2, it involves Global conspiracy, which includes places like Israel, Angola, Kerala, Mumbai, Vienna. Prologue opens in Angola, where a mystic figure Joseph Braganza, who deals with a community, named, UNITA. The deal is of ammunition and blood Diamonds. The worth of blood diamonds is more than nine million dollars. The amount and involvement of Germany, America and Israel gives us idea that something is cooking and its not a small chicken. The scene shifts to Kerala, where an old man Krishna Menon is introduced, who will be indulged into peaceful protest against nuclear power plant in neighborhood. By including these two places in prologue, Author gives us idea that there is some connection between these two places. Novel opens in Bombay, Bank of GB2, where we meet other major characters Tanuja, Vikram, Indrani, Harshita, Raymond, Nikhil, Anand, Karan, Kavya and Hemant. The story is related to bank industry, so we are made little bit aware of various departments and their workings. The intrigues, inner conflicts and double-faced people shock us. The story is like an Onion; layer by layer, it reveals that the innocent looking faces are actually faces of Devil. It shows how innocents are manipulated and exploited. One must read the novel; the end of the novel leaves us dumbstruck. Very unexpected reality comes out, which makes us realize that not everything which is visible, may be true.  Following trend of Poetic Justice novel ends with happy note, punishing evils and saving the angels. Epilogue gives idea of the consequences took place in lives of the characters. Karan Panjabi, like a true journalist, solves whole mystery and comes out as a savior of all. Tragic end of Harshita and Raymond disappoints us; still end of novel satisfies us. One more thing, our dear Coffee Cafe Day accompanies us in reading at Vienna.

Ravi Subramanian has once again proved that he is really an extraordinary and incredible writer, who can make his readers love his books. Just go and grab your copy and start reading the seat-holding novel with a cup of coffee at CCD ;) 

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