Holi skincare tips with Cocodew Cold pressed Coconut Oil

Ask me which festival is my favourite and I will choose Holi over any festival. Colourful faces beaming with joy is everything to me. 
After arrival of Jisha I took break from Holi for 2 years because of my fear of harmful chemicals affecting her delicate skin. 

She loves Holi but I made her play with water and she would ask why can't we play with colours. So after bit of research and tricks last year I discovered one trick that would let us play Holi without fear of damaging our skin or hair.

To play Holi without getting affected by harmful chemicals You need 2 things. 

1. Cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.
2. Good Sunscreen Lotion.

Market is flooded with various brands claiming to sell Cold pressed coconut oil but very few actually stand by their claim. Recently I got this Cold pressed coconut oil from brand named Cocodew. 

Decided to use this for Jishu's skin and loved the way it made her skin softer and shinier. I have made it our routine to massage Jishu's skin with coconut oil every night. And Oil from Cocodew seems perfect as it's free from any preservatives and is genuine Cold pressed Coconut oil. It has amazing fragrance that makes me feel all coconutty. 

Getting back to Our Holi skincare. 
1. Cold pressed Coconut oil
I massage our skin with Coconut oil. not too much but much enough to make it bit greasy. Applying Coconut oil on skin makes sure that colours cannot penetrate our skin pores and can be removed easily. 
same goes for hair. Apply generous amount of
Coconut oil on both scalp and ends of Hair. So they don't get rough and colours can be removed easily. 

2. Sunscreen Lotion. 
It's quite normal to play Holi at home and then wander off on streets on vehicles shouting "Holi Hai". But imagine the damage it does to our skin. Already lots of chemicals are there on our skin and adding  sun rays to it is really harmful. So to prevent that harm Apply generous amount of Sunscreen Lotion after you apply Coconut oil on skin. face, Hands, elbows, feets, legs. I prefer St. Botanica Vitamin C sunscreen because it doesn't make skin sticky.

After you have played Holi to fullest and taken final bath, make sure go apply sheet mask on your face. It hydrates skin and nourishes. Last time someone applied very stubborn colour on my face and thanks to sheet masks I was able to get it off my skin without rubbing or damaging my skin. You can choose sheet masks from Nykaa, The Faceshop or Mondsub. 

Hope you loved these easy- peasy  tricks to save skin from damage if colours and play worry- free Holi. 


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