Beauty has an Address: Oman

Hi friends, My heart is jumping like a frog, while sharing this wonderful wish and experience of mine with you all about Beautiful Oman. I love to travel, but in childhood due to Papa’s business, it was like once in a blue moon, we got chance to travel. My desire to travel grew like a silent dream. It was little bit fulfilled, when I traveled to Andaman Nicobar with my hubby. From those days spent in this wonderful place made my hunger for traveling more intense. I started exploring through all destinations I could visit.

From my childhood I have fascination for Arab tales and Arab culture as , being an avid reader
 I savored Arabian tales, Sindbad’s journeys and wished to visit those places , full of mysteries and Arab culture. In this list, Oman comes first as it’s a neighbour like country for India and above all these reasons someone is there to make me fall in love with Oman. It all started with my reading of my favorite stories “Sindbad the Sailor”. I love this character a lot and due to my attraction to this one , I searched through web and came to know that Sindbad belonged Sohar, which is situated in Oman. I just elated up because as you all know, Oman is not much far away from India. I started browsing through web once again and came to a Jannat like website of Oman tourism.
I spent my whole noon browsing through the website and while doing so, I heard a voice,” Ahlan”. I looked in the direction of voice and I could not believe what my eyes saw. There was Sindbad the Sailor. 

I stared at him and said,” what? Are you real?” 
He smiled and said,” Ahlan”
I stared him like fool and he said,” Oh , I forgot, you can not speak Omani. Ahlan means Hello.” By the way were you missing me so badly?”
Whatever came to my mouth was,” How can you speak English?”
He laughed out ,” I think you have forgotten that my tales were translated in many languages, English was one of them, so I can speak it.”

I just smiled. Seeing my confusion, he came forward and sat on the chair nearby and said,” Maráa, oh that’s lady in Omani. I saw you were deeply engrossed in this website of my country. You wish me to guide to my country?

I jumped up with happiness upon listening this and asked him to describe five places of his country which are must see. And here is Sindbad’s recommendation for Oman.

Oh Maráa , come to my magical land, with lamp in your hand.
To have a look at Hawiyat Najm Park,
To admire the fallen Moon aka “Bait al Afreet”.
To enjoy the natural water full of minerals,
Fishes which will pedicure you for free.
It’s Eye kind of look terrifies you now,
But you will love from your heart,
Once your feet touches the ground in this velly.

Maráa , A'Sharqiyah Sands call you,
Enchanting the whispers into your ears.
To live, eat , drink and dance in desert.
To see the crystal clear sky and beautiful stars.
Wilayat Badiyah, the oasis with it’s beauty and comfort,
Woos you to come and savour it’s calmness and satisfaction.

Smell and feel , the call of scent of ,
Wadi Dawkah, birthplace of frankincense trees.
Their smell as pure as heaven’s , calming and soothing.
It makes Oman’s trade flourished in world, demanded.

The shopping bug in you bites, and wishes to come out to visit Oman?
Take it to Ibri Souq, where everything is sold,
My country’s culture and love is there to see and feel.
Through silver, Gold and handicrafts.
Culture of Oman is presented their as souvenir,
To inspire your loved ones to visit Oman. 

The last but not the least is AlHazm Castle,
Singing and praising works of my country to world.
You must come here lady, to have a view
In old Oman and it’s architecture.
The great Islamic culture and their living style
is here in my Oman's castle.
The great king and his life is painted on walls.
singing and praising his fame and name.

 Oh Maráa, come with me in my ship to sail to Oman, world of beauty and richness. 
He came forward and caught my hand," These five places will make you one with Oman."

Suddenly I was awaken with touch of my husband who was smiling at my noon nap  and I realized that I was reading Sindbad's story at the same time viewing Oman's contest on A wonderful imaginary travel to Beautiful Oman.

It is really true " Beauty has an Address-Oman."

I really thanks for making me familiar with this wonderful landscape.


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