Review of 'Murdered to Moksha'

About Authors:

Ketki Borgaonkar a BMM Graduate currently working at an Event Management Company based in Mumbai as a Marketing Executive. This is her first novel and her co-author is Rohit Shetty who is an author of 5 Poetry books and successful person.

Plot: 5/5 

Murdered to Mokshais a novel based upon an issue which is very fragile yet it is discussed in many countries. Arnav Rathode, a successful businessman lives with his loving wife Esha, who was the only companion during his hard times. This loving couple has a daughter, who is an apple of their eye. Their wonderful life is awarded with good luck and well-wishers. Their life is like a dream, but this dream comes to crash, when unfortunate strikes them and turns their life into nightmare.
Characters: 5/5

Aarav Rathode: Handsome, dashing and successful business entrepreneur, who has reached to the zenith of success after falling many times. Life keeps giving bumps in his path.  

Esha Rathode: Beautiful and loving friend cum wife of Aarav Rathode. Like a true beloved, she stays with Aarav in all ups and downs of life.

Raj: Childhood friend of Arnav and Esha, he is the person who takes care of Aarav in all ups and downs.

Kunal: He is a black sheep in life of Aarav, who always plan conspiracy to destroy Aarav. 

There are also minor characters like Mr. Seth, Mr. Rathode, Mr. Shroff, Sorabh, Samiksha, who play minor but important roles in life of our hero.

Writing Style: 5/5

   ‘Murdered to Moksha’ comes as a fresh breeze after smelling red roses presenting love stories. ‘Murdered to Moksha’ is a novel based upon very fragile issue and as a reader and reviewer I really loved each and every part of this wonderful work. (I am not going to disclose the issue as it is the charm of the novel) Writing style is really a good one and writer has not added boring incidents or unnecessary description of love making which is normally seen in now a days’ popular fiction. Emotions intertwined perfectly in this saga of love and hope. Blurb on the back cover of novel is really enthralling one as it inflames curiosity in reader’s mind about the contents of book. The hero of novel comes out as cruel and villain kind of character. One must dive into novel in order to explore the world Mr. Aarav Rathode. My best wishes to both Ketki Borgaonkar and Rohit Shetty to touch the issue which is rarely touched.

My rating for this work is 5/5. 


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