Review of 'Chords of Life'

About Author:

Angad Singh Saluja is a MBA and life turned him into poet. His poems have been published in several Journals, including Cyber wit’s International Journal. His one more collection is published,’ He said She said’ including him and Priyanka Bhardwaj.

Writing Style: 3/5

 ‘Chords of Life’ is divided in three parts.

1 Life and Me

2. Life and Relations

3. Life and Survival

First part Life and Me has 17 poems in it. In this portion Angad’s views on life is presented. What he finds in day today’s life and the cycle of thoughts going on in his mind is presented in form of poetry. A kind of confession is there in this poems.

Second Part Life and Relations has 16 poems in it. Angad’s relations with the world are descripted in this one. His love, friends, college friends and more many. His feelings towards these relations and happenings, somehow matches with many.

Third part Life and Survival has 18 poems in it. Through this poem Angad reminds readers that he is MBA. His thoughts on Global warming, Development and other issues are presented. 

These poems are like diary of a guy. It seems as if he has dictated down his emotions in different parts. As a reader not much affected by the poems. As a person of Literature, little bit disappointed. As this collection did not awake my chords, but as the perception varies from person to person so I suggest readers to go through this work.  Hope to see more potential-soaked works from Angad.

My ratings for this work 3/5.


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