In our Indian tradition, girls are bound to leave their house after marriage. Their willingness or unwillingness never bothered world and maybe would never ever bother about this fact. From my childhood I, too heard these words,” This is not your house. You will go to your own house after marriage.” Of course, not from my parents but neighbours and society. I always took the words lightly as I had a nature due to which I never bothered about anything unless I face it. Same happened in case of marriage. 

I got engaged to my hubby in June 2013. He was an engineer in Pune. Pune was much near to my city compared to other cities where Agrawal girls were married off. My mother was really happy because my elder sister was married in Delhi and compared to her I was married nearby our house. But as it says,” Man proposes and God deposes.” After one or two months of our engagement my hubby went to Israel and there he was selected in company based in Noida with higher package. My hubby and in-laws were so happy. I, too was happy as my hubby got promoted but my mummy was little bit down due to our settlement in Noida. However, this fact never mattered as my hubby was a very good son-in-law and my heart was already with him, in our courtship of two to three months.

I got married in December 2013 and left my parents’ house and went to mine (as those people said). My mummy and I kept calling each other regularly. Every time my mummy called she would ask only one question,” When will you be in Anand, Sonal?” I would then handover the phone to my hubby, who would start giving excuses and would change the topic. I, too was enjoying most beautiful days of my life, still I was missing my mommy so badly. I had spectacles and we decided to remove it with Lasik operation and luckily it was decided that I would get operated in Ahmedabad near to my Anand city. So as soon as everything was decided my brother came to take me home. My brother and I left for Anand. Our train reached to Anand at 04:30. As my brother was with me, I had not expected that anyone else would come ther to receive me. But behold! As soon as I got down from train, my mommy hugged me tightly and tears started flowing from her eyes. I, too was surprised to see my mommy at railway station in this much early morning. My eyes, too wailed up and I hugged her back. That whole day, my mommy kept feeding me with my favourite dishes and while she was not feeding me, that whole time she just embraced me and soaked my hair with tears.

That was the most memorable day of life. Till this day I just heard of stories describing love of married daughter and mother but today I experienced it.


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