The word Happiness itself brings out image of smiling and cheering people around us. The definition of happiness differs from person to person. For someone it may reside in IPhone 6 and for someone it may reside in Nokia 1100. For someone it may be there in world tour and for someone it may be there in having picnic at nearby park. Whatever the form maybe but the ultimate thing is the happiness. People around the world survive on his single factor and its happiness.

When we discuss about happiness, does it need to be grand or luxurious? No, it can be very simple and sober. I’m a housewife living in Delhi. As I said before happiness can differ from person to person. Though I live in Delhi, the concept of happiness was never buying cosmetics or shopping at Zaara’s. It’s concept of People around the country for housewives of Delhi. But for me it’s not the happiness. For me few are the simple facts which bring happiness to me. They are as below.

Happiness for me is when I can’t wake up due to health issues or my habit of sleeping late (it’s regular, actually.) and my husband cooks awesome breakfast for me and then wakes me up with love and care and asks me to enjoy the awesome breakfast.  It may be very simple thing for someone devoid of all the emotions but for me it’s world’s most loving gesture as It shows his concern and care for me.

Happiness for me is when I cook pizza sandwich for my father in law, whenever I visit my in-law’s house at Rajasthan. My in-law’s village is very remote one and it is impossible to find thirty minute delivery there. There is no facility of microwave or pizza bases but my father-in-law loves pizzas a lot. They rarely visit Delhi so whenever I go to my in-law’s house, I bring bread, sandwich maker and cheese and oregano. I prepare sandwich pizza and watching my Papaji relishing the sandwich gives me immense pleasure and happiness. It gives me more happiness then buying Lakme or Prada.
Happiness is watching your 8 month old niece trying to climb your lap, holding your hands, face and ears. The moment she tries imitate you in kissing. The moment you try to capture selfie with her and being new generation kiddo she smiles and poses like a genius. Happiness is you spend hardly a day with her in two or three months, but she remembers you and does not cry while coming to your lap. Happiness is when she loves to be in your arms rather than in her mother’s.

Yes, Happiness resides in smallest and simplest things. It may be smiles of your loved ones, care and love of your husband. Happiness is smile of your loved ones and your heart.


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