My Bold Step

Most of the human pass their life by following the path trodden by others. Very few have capacity and will-power to take the untraded path. It needs immense courage and inner strength to do what is never done before.

It’s not necessary that this bold step must be something very big. It can be at very minor level. This bold step which can change one’s life can bring out positive or negative results but the main fact about this whole procedure is the courage one needs to take the bold step. It happened with me, too. I, took bold step. As I said above, it is not necessary that step needs to be a giant one, affecting the whole world or community. Mine bold step was also a minor one but it actually changed my life.

The story goes back in 2011. Due to my brilliant performance in study as well as co-curricular activities, principal of my college asked me to appear in interviews going on for post of lecturer. It was reality that my performance was really well and I was brightest student of English Literature in whole college. Whether it was group- discussion or seminar, I always got first or second number. But as it is said, “No one is perfect.” I, too had weakness and it was “Literary Criticism.” I tried my best to memorize and understand all the theories, but I couldn’t remember more than first and last paragraph. The middle part of theories, I wrote in exam was mixture of all the theories. The only theory I could remember was Arnold’s “Touch-Stone Method” and those who have poked their noses in literature would know that it is the simplest theory in whole criticism.

As soon as my interview got scheduled, I started bombarding my faculties with questions that what would be there in interview. Being my faculty, my HOD advised me not to reveal the fact that I was weak in criticism as it is considered base of literature. I was bit perplexed because It was my first job and I did not wish to lie. I just nodded my head and left for interview.

Interview started and it was going very well. Then calamity struck, interviewee asked me to throw me some light on literary theories. My breath got stuck. Doom’s moment had arrived. My mind flooded with arguments. Winged angel was asking to say truth, whatever may be the consequences. Horned devil asked me to lie as my faculties suggested. As it gave me assurance of job, I started weighing both sides’ arguments. Devil was about to win but winged angel reminded me of saying, “Nobody is perfect.”

I replied with confidence and smile,” Sir, I need to tell you something honestly. I’m good in  poetry, novel and history of English literature but criticism is not my cup of tea.” Interviewee looked at others in panel and smiled. He asked me to wait outside. I could see frown on face of my faculty. I just smiled back and left the room.

Till to days, I didn’t get a single call from my college regarding interviews. I was losing hope and getting frustrated. After few days I received call from my  principal. He said,” You little devil, you had almost ruined everything but thank God that they loved your honesty and has asked me to hire you for teaching English language.”

I smiled and disconnected the call after some formal conversation. My one bold step of saying truth had got me job and honor.


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