The Moment

During my schooldays I had been an average student. Thanks to my hatred for maths and science and civics. I had good command over English language, I loved it wholly, so after completing my 10th I decided to go for humanities and took up English as my main subject. Behind this selection there was a reason. From my childhood I had a dream. I wished to be a professor in college. When my other friends wished to be teachers in school, I always said, I would rather be a lecturer in college than in school. I was bright student in college as I was studying my favourite subject, English Literature. I was mentally growing up very well. 

I used to participate in each and every activity very enthusiastically. But it is very necessary for you that your faculties also support you in same way. Unluckily, I was not good at buttering so I was not apple of eye for some of my faculties. As a result, my talent and knowledge was out of coverage for them all. My parents, too did not like this fact about my graduation. My mummy always asked me, Sonal, Why you have to participate, if hard work goes unnoticed?” I could understand my mother’s agony but I felt that this was nurturing my skills and it actually helped me a lot. My stage fear vanished, I became fluent in English. Yet, I had a question in my mind.

“When I will get fruit of my hardwork?”

God has his own ways and timing to answer our questions. If your prayers don’t work, just understand, it’s not the time. God has decided something else for you and it gonna place you on cloud nine.

I completed my graduation and for masters I got admission in another college. God started answering my prayers. Gradually, I was becoming very famous student in both graduation and post-graduation level. I was known for my quick and witty answers, anchoring, and group discussions. My results were also quite high. Like previous college, I participated in each and every activity. But here, I was getting enough encouragement and coverage. I was famous and favourite amongst students and faculties. But principal never seemed to appreciate my work. 

Days passed and I entered in final semester. I got in writing poetry and published it in college magazine. Few days later, I was getting out of college and suddenly, peon of our college called me from behind,” Sonalji, principal sir is calling you.” Before I could ask anything, he got engaged in another work. I was frightened. My heart started beating fast. Questions started whirling around me. Why is he calling me? Did I make any blunder? Will he punish me for something? 

With trembling legs, I entered in his office. 

He looked up and smiled at me and said,” Sonal, have a seat. I was just going through your poems in college magazine. They are really nice.” 

I smiled foolishly and fumbled,” Oh, yes sir, did you notice? Thanks for your appreciation sir.” He continued,” Sonal?” 

I said,” Yes, sir.”

He said,” There is vacancy in our college. You can have a look at the advertisement in newspaper at library. Apply for it. You are bright student. College will be proud having you as a faculty.” 

After these words, whatever he said, left unnoticed, unheard to me. As I was dumbstruck with happiness. After his approval, I left his office and as soon as I left office I jumped with joy and shouted with happiness. 

I was appointed in my own college, even before I passed my masters. I was on cloud nine. I was dancing with joy and informed everyone in college and rushed to home to inform my mom.
My mom had tears of happiness in her eyes. She cupped my face and said,” Now, you have got answers to your prayers, my love.” 

I had got answers to my prayers and this was the moment. The moment I spent in principal’s office, had changed my life. It filled me with optimism and hope that hard work always works. God always decides well for you. God will provide you a moment, which will bless you for rest of your life. Will fill you with all the happiness, hope and optimism. 


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