Bundle of Joy

Infant. The moment we hear this word, a small bundle of joy starts flashing in fro t of our eyes.  With tiny hands, legs, Small but sparkling eyes,  those tiny lips curving for yawn. That smile when it looks at us. It's fragile yet beautiful body, responding to nature and the new atmosphere it has come into.  For the relatives and friends,  this tiny creature is nothing but a toy with whom they would get to click few selfies and update their statuses on facebook like feeling awesome with Tom,  Dik and Harry. But for it's parents it becomes centre of their world. The tiny bundle of joy,  part of their being,  part of their existence, proof  of their love and togetherness.
The moment it's mother carries it in her hands,  her world becomes complete.  The child whom she carried in her womb for nine months.  For whom she spent sleepless nights,  left favorite clothes, avoided tasty junkfood and bore many kicks and cramps and pains, it is finally in her hand.  The baby whose movements she felt in her womb,  which kicked while she ate some yummy food,  whom she watched while doctor was busy in ultrasound. That baby is finally in her hands. The moment it comes out,  the outer world comes in contact with it and that becomes issue of concern for her. Being a mother she feels it to be her responsibility to protect her child from every threat.  Seen or unseen.
After the child is born,  it must be treated with proper care and massage is the most important thing for any newborn.  Proper massage with good oil makes child strong and gives strength to it's muscles. The market is full of many brands claiming their oil to be a best one but in reality all of them are full of harmful ingredients which can cause damage to baby's delicate skin. That's why it becomes necessary for a mother to select proper oil for her child.
Well, personally I prefer Ayurvedic products as my experience with few Ayurvedic brands has been a good one. When my dear niece, my sister's daughter was born,  I bought kit of Ayurvedic baby products for her.  My love for Ayurvedic products is going to get great as very soon,  I am also going to be a mommy.  Yup,  it feels so good and I have been looking out for all products available in market for future preparations. Dabur Baby Massage Oil enriched with almonds and olive is going to be my first choice for my baby's massage. It has goodness of Olive and Almond oil which makes bones stronger and am sure that my baby is going to be Hercules with help pf Dabur Baby Massage Oil. Apart from making it Hercules, it will also keep it's skin healthy and good,  devoid of all chemicals and artificial ingredients.

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