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Well,  Cricket is something which works like feviquick for cricket lovers.  Whether it's IPL,  World cup or test match,  all of them have capacity to keep everyone stick to chair.  During these days,  you can find different species of human being.  One shouting like Gorillas,  one jumping like Chimpanzee,  one roaring like lions,  one crying like Bahus of Kyunkis and Kahaanis,  one who satisfy their hunger by biting nails,  one getting bald by pulling hairs,  one feeling sick on these auspicious day (only in official terms ;) ) and many more to join this list if new human species. Especially for husbands,  brothers,  fathers and sons.  In short whole community of gents is just crazy about Cricket.  There is number of ladies also who give tough competition for this craziness for Cricket.  Thanks to God,  He didn't stuffed my mind with this love for Cricket. I never had any craze for this idiotic and time wasting game.  I hated it like anything. In my family,  only my father has craze for Cricket.  Neither my brother nor my mom and sister ever liked Cricket.  Being Daddy's girl, I had powers to convince him to change the channel. But behold!  This blessed life continued only for a while.  Then I got married and my soul mate entered my life.
Yup,  it's but obvious,  life changes after marriage. In my case,  it turned to be a great one as my hubby is very good at spoiling me.  I was already pampered a lot by my parents and my hubby had spoiled me more by fulfilling all of my wishes. Being normal human beings but extraordinary lovers,  we had different choices yet we respected each other's choice and interests. As I said above I hated Cricket but my hubby just loved it.  During IPLs he would come home early and get into his lowers and and would sit like a king enjoying his assembly. As I said above we had different interests but we never allowed it to become hurdles in our path.  Whenever he would be enjoying his match,  I would either read a book or write a blog.  Or else would prepare for dinner.  He, too understands me well and so whenever there was time of my favorite tv show he would switch the channel without delay.  When I enjoy my show,  he gets all updates of match on UC Browser, which is the best browser for all the Androids as it is not much space-demanding and very speedy. I,  too prefer to skip my show,  if the match is at highest pick.  I enjoy the shows on UC Browser's video section.
Thus,  with help of UC Browser,  me and my hubby can be a perfect couple,  accepting and respecting each other's choices and interests.       UC Cricket


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