My darling Strongest

Masi.  I am yet to listen this word from her  mouth but I am  waiting for the day she pronounce it.  All of you must be wondering   that what on the earth has happened to me.   Why am I getting rabbit out of the hat??  Well,  Blogadda as usual has brought a brand new activity where once again every blogger is brought to live those tiny moments of joy and happiness using the wand of imagination. This time Blogadda in association with Dabur baby  massage oil has brought a wonderful activity where every blogger is going to express his or her views on goodness of massage oils for baby.
There would be rarely any idiotic person on this  earth who won't have affection for children.  Yup,  I know children can be devils but let's concentrate on infants and toddlers.  Being a Masi at once, I have experienced a thing.  my niece is damn cute and loving and I feel extremely enraged whenever my sister gets angry on her even for a moment. But as my sister says, " keep Shagun with you for constant 24 hours,  you surely gonna miss  grandma." And I just keep smiling at her this suggestion because I am well aware of the reality in her words.  Toddlers can be damn  cute but damn notorious, too.
 Shagun born on 15th July 2014. The moment she came into this world,  our whole family was overjoyed with arrival of this little angel in our  life.  She is so cute and the day she was born,  she was looking so delicate that I was afraid of    holding her. I asked my sister that isn't she weak but my sister smiled affectionately and said, " she is just born and it will take some time for her to get used to this world, na? " I took out thousand rupees note from my purse and placed it in her hand.  That tiny delicate hands clutched the note tightly. All of us started laughing hysterically. Just before a moment I thought her to be weak and she clutched the money tightly.
However I bought baby care products being a  good masi.  I bought all products if Ayurvedic company as I highly prefer Ayurvedic products. I was bit confused about the massage oil as I wanted something really good for my darling niece. After few suggestions from friends I decided to buy Dabur Baby Massage Oil,  which is enriched with goodness of Almond and Olive oil.  Both the oils perform major role in growth of muscles and strong bones.  I want my little niece to be a stronger one as the world is not safe for girls,  right???

“I am participating in the  #FirstLove activity at  BlogAdda in association with Dabur“.


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