From Fat to Fab.

Hey guys,  till today you read just  about books, reviews, products and activity blogs but today we will discuss about benefits of balanced diet and nutritional compromises of a crash diet.  Well,  you guys must be thinking that I am not a health instructor or dietitian. Or any celebrity whose health tips will be very interesting for you.  I agree with you all.  I am neither dietitian nor celebrity. Yet my views on diet surely going to be useful for you.  As I am the girl who had gained horrible weight due to my love of junk food but thanks to constant nagging of my mummy.  I gave up all the worst food habits and started going to gym and followed a healthy balanced diet.  
First of all let me clear some basic idea about healthy diet and crash diet.
Healthy diet includes slower but steadier results as it includes food but good one with lots of fibers,  nutrition but lesser fat.
Crash diet is supposed to give you quick results but it won't provide you any healthy benefits. It includes only juices and fruits with zero fat.
Both types of diet are famous but if you consult any dietitian then he would surely recommend healthy diet as Crash diet makes body devoid of not only fat but also proteins and vitamins.  Healthy diet includes all other health issues like glow of skin,  fitness of body,  hair and all.  It's main feature is to make body fit not slim as Crash diet suggests.  In healthy diet one needs to include sprouts,  juices,  honey-lime water,  boiled veggies,  chapatis, oats, and many more nutritional foods. While on crash diet one needs to include nothing but juices and fruits.  You guys must have read or listened about celebrities' crash diet plans. I heard about Bipasha Basu's crash diet for her bikini shoot in Dhoom 2. She had survived on three oranges per day for two days.  Now hope you must have got the idea what one actually means by Crash diet.
Let's discuss about real life experienced person for diet plan.  So let me introduce you guys to....Sonal Agrawal. Yes my dear readers its me who has real life experience of loosing weight that too in healthy way.  Well,  I am not going to hammer you in any way but simply will tell you my diet plan and daily routine which turned my weight from 80 to 65 in 6 months.
I started my morning at 5. I would get fresh and then would go to gym.  After working out on treadmill and some cardiac exercises,  I would come home and have glass of hot water with Dabur honey and lemon.  After that I would wait for a while and drink cup of tea without sugar and two biscuits or toasts. In lunch I included big bowl of sabji and two chapatis with big bowl of salad. For brunch I preferred tea with sugar and at night I would have two chapatis with bowl of salad,  sabji and any Daal.  I strictly stopped eating chips,  chocolates, burgers and everything that was yummy to my tongue but horrible for my tummy.  Thanks to my balanced diet I never lost glow of my skin,  never needed skin tightening  belts or creams or messages. The only thing I lost was extra fat. and go to Honey Diet


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