Book review of "Potluck"

Imagine condition of a child, who is looking for his favourite colour’s gems in packet and he finds out one. The same condition was mine, when I read Potluck. I was so enthralled to read Potluck as it is collection of short stories and each and every of them are really a literary piece. I must suggest these stories to all those so called writers, who scribble over paper on one typical theme ‘Love’. I really feel that this collection can be added to syllabus of any university for English studies. Potluck is a collection of short stories by a group of authors who got attended creative writing workshops by Renu Balakrishnan at the Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai Thirteen authors from different walks of life have contributed two stories each to this book. The book is mixture of first person narrative, fiction, daily life’s routine of common people with small dreams, make it an overall enjoyable reading experience for all. Potluck is like amalgam of different spices, which make tasty Gujarati dish. Full of each and every Rasa spicy, sweet, tangy, bitter, pungent and sour. Stories written by working mothers, a Catholic priest, Hindu monk and more and more. Different threads from different cultures have woven wonderful attire, which attracts each and all. 

 All of the stories are fantastic one, still my favourite from the 26 stories are as below

Shoes by Aby Sam Thomas
Survivors by Myron J. Pereira
Amma’s Will by Beatrice Rao
The Seamstress’s Story by Marija Sres
Ma’s Waiting by Renu Balakrishnan
Lady on the Plane by Richa S. Chaterjee
The Reunion by Richa S. Chaterjee
A Slice of Rain by Rina Maheta
Meeting Anu by Sarbani Sengupta

Delightful collection of the stories which made me smile, sometimes needed tissue to wipe those flowing tears. Certainly, more works will come from these scholars and waiting to lend my hand on them.


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