Review of Maya-In search of Tantric Father by Vipin Behari Goyal

“Maya-In search of Tantric Father" by Vipin Behari Goyal

Being an Indian, I came across many of the tales of India. All the Vedic literature and rituals of India is still mystery for modern Indian youth. Tantra, the basic concept of Indian rituals, is very popular, not only in India but also in abroad. Whenever Tantra word gets into someone’s ears, the image of human skulls filled with blood, naked aghoris performing mystical rituals. Everyone in world thinks that Tantra is really a dangerous thing and one must be away from it. I also thought the same thing, until I read amazing book “Maya- In search of tantric father” by Vipin Behari Goyal. I personally consider it as ‘Encyclopaedia of Tantra and India’ as my own confusions and questions of Tantra are perfectly solve in this book. The book depicts a journey of an American girl Maya, who lives in USA with her parents. Maya’s life goes upside down when her mother dies and Maya reads her mother’s diary. Through this diary Maya comes to know about the truth of her birth. She was daughter of an Indian Tantric, whom her mother met in India. After taking her American father’s permission, she comes to India. From here her search starts for her father. In this journey she meets some characters like Dr. Rama, Deobrat, Chandrashekhar, who change her personality as well as her outlook for life. She travels various places of India like Banaras, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Kamakhya, Jabalpur and many more. At the end of novel purpose of her journey is successful and now her search for Guru starts.
I loved each and every part of novel. Author has presented Indian philosophy in very interesting way. It does not make reader yawning and rubbing eyes. He has written in such a way that made me proud of being an Indian, child of phenomenal heritage. Here are some lines which attracted my attention, these lines showcases a foreigner’s view on India and I must say Vipin Behari Goyal is perfectly right in showcasing that every tourist from abroad with some prejudices for India.
Extract from book,
“Why do they choose to come to India? It is full of garbage everywhere, the roads are in a bad condition, transport is slow, tourist are harassed by touts and beggars, people are maniacs who stare at you for hours without blinking.” In these lines Maya contemplates India but in other lines,” Here people are so poor but most of the people are jovial, friendly, and ready to help.” Author has written novel from a foreigner’s point of view, still he has defended India in each and every possibility.
Author has presented the mysterious places for Tantra like Banaras, Pushkar and Kathmandu which makes this novel more interesting. The novel is so enchanting, it keeps you so busy, and you may forget to blink. As a reader I have read many books, which present idea of Indian philosophy, and found them so boring, but Vipin’s book is really amazing. I started reading it at 11:00 p.m. and could not sleep without completing it. I prescribe these book to all those who wants have good idea of Tantra and Indian culture.
Must read for Indian youth.
I give 4 star to this book.


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