Review of "The Crossover- open heart verses"

About Author:
Sunil Sandeep is from Mysore. Sunil’s life gave him some experiences, which made him to create this poetry collection.
Writing Style: 3/5
 Whenever one has a moment of solitude and solace, one dwells into meaning of life and existence. Many scriptures can be found in various religions, describing soul’s journey during this life and afterlife. Many of the saint’s and philosophers have defined Man’s life as a journey. A quest for true meaning of life and soul. A quest for one’s real identity. In the beginning of the collection the very first poem. ‘Why’ gives the reader a short idea about the creation of this collection. The part I like the most of this poem is
‘Existence wants us to celebrate
Existence wants us to sing and dance
Like children without the barriers of knowledge’

“The Crossover” is divided in parts 1 Dreams, 2 Reality, 3 The Path. The order of the parts is also interesting one as Man lives in dreams until he faces reality due to some reason and then he starts his journey on the path, which will take to divinity.
First part of the collection is Dreams, which seems symbolising one’s ignorance and curiosity to know the unknown. One’s efforts to catch the glimpse of realty through mist and blurred visions.
Second part Reality, describes Poet’s emotions and reactions towards the realities of life, which are difficult to bear. As they are unbearable, people wishes to ignore it and live in dreams.
Third part The Path is the description of Man’s journey towards Light, the centre of existence. Part from these poems is really a touching one. The main reality of life is presented here that once man wishes to discover his existence, he has to proceed on this path alone and will have to work hard.
‘The path so light
Has to be walked alone
There are no shortcuts
And there are no maps’

Wonderful collection of poems along with sketch on other page, which highlights the theme of poem. Enjoyed each and every poem. This collection reminded me of Gitanjali of Rabindranath Tagore. A wonderful collection for those, who wishes to dive into inner side of life.
My rating for the collection is 5/5.


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